Well had a Pull last Friday night that got rained out.. So they had it on Saturday instead. Everything was going good till it was time to hook to the sled.... Then my Oil Pressure started fluctuating between 40 and 60 on the motors back pressure gauge but the front gauge was steadier so I went to hook up, Pull the slack out of the chain thumped the throttle a few time, put in 2nd gear went to take off, and nothing motor revved but no go ... So put in rev. moves OK tried it in 1st Nothing ...........Seen Fluid being pumped out of the Vent tube.. Called it a day put and it on the trailer. Got it out when we got home and I'll have it gone thru this week.. Have a 2-pull weekend coming up this weekend.

OK Found out the problem

Seems I broke that thick outer ring in my clutch pack. My Tranny guy said He never seen anyone do that. "Another first for ShaZam.." when that broke it let the plunger come out of it's place and then it sheared off the o-ring on it's way back in, the pressure lose and the fluid coming out of the vent tube.

So it wasn't that bad after all ....Tranny is back in and getting it ready for this weekends pulls..



Well it's all back together and seem to work just fine .. I'll know for sure on Saturday ....