Well Boy's here's a Summary of ShaZam's 2003 Season. From the Start of the season May 24th till July 19th (Ten Pulls 20 Hooks) ShaZam was doing pretty good
(6 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd). And then we had our first broken part (Rear output shaft on the transfer case) and It went down hill from there.
Blew up the motor the next day. Replace it for the next pull with my back up motor, Run the next four pulls with the Small Motor managed 4 2nd place finishes with it. Got the big Motor back in and made 3 hooks with it before it blew up again.
Dropped the Small motor back in and planned to finish the season out with it, and then it blew up with one pull left to go in the season. Decided to hang it up, but the competitor in me made me put the big motor back together one more time.
Got in back into the truck and was setting the timing when it developed a rod knock.. Shut it down and Called it a Season...
And to top it all off I had to go to the pull anyway seeing I was Secretary of the Club.. And to top that off it started to Rain on our way to the scale at 3:30 but the pull wasn't called off until 8:30.

I guess all in all I had a Great Season I made 18 pulls Out of 23 with 3 of these pulls conflicting with each other. Took 6 1st places, 6 2nd places and 2 3rd places..