2006 Pulling Season Review

OK in the 2006 season I campaigned ShaZam in 4 different clubs. WUMPA Club, NEW Motorsports Club, Pullers Incorporated Club and STPA Two Rivers WI Club.

I logged over 6,000 Miles traveling to and from the pulls, With the closest pull here in Porterfield, to the furthest pull being in Belvidere IL. 5 hours drive away.

Last year, I pulled in 29 events where with the 3 of the clubs I pull twice in each event.

I pull in Super Stock and Modified with the WUMPA Club (10 events) and NEW Club (8 events) and in the P.I. Club (13 events) I pulled in their Super Stock Class and also joined their Modified Club for the four Pulls that both classes where pulling at during the same day or weekend. And in Shoto (10 pulls) I pull in two different Weight classes 5500 & 6250, but only made it to three of their pulls Due to conflicting pulls. So in all I had a total of 51 Hooks for the season.

How I placed with each club.

WUMPA I finished 4th in Super Stock and 4th In Modified after missing the Depere Pull due to a conflicting pull in Arlington WI with P.I..

NEW MotorSports I finished 1st in Super Stock and 2nd in Modified.

P.I. First full season with this club and for the most part ShaZam was in the top 5 all season.

I had to miss the last three pulls with this club due to conflicting pulls with the NEW club. But I finished 6th for the season out of 22 of the toughest Super Stock Trucks in the State.

Shoto I only made it to 3 of their pulls but when I’m there ShaZam is in the top 3 in both classes.

2007 Season Plans

I’m going to focus my Pulling efforts closer to home this year. Where if there’s a conflicting pull I’ll pull at home virus traveling down south.

WUMPA and the New clubs will be Priority then P.I. and then if there’s an open weekend I’ll hit Shoto.