Baraboo, Watertown

September 21 2007 at 11:25 PM

Well this has been one heck of a week.

First off I had a Pull in Baraboo WI last Sat. ShaZam sounded good but finished really bad for the day? I been having issues with ShaZam the last couple of weeks where I've been going down hill Dropping gears and not pulling like she should finishing further in the pack each week.

So on Sunday I pulled ShaZam in the shop and did my normal weekly maintenance checks with valve lash and spring seat pressure checks .. Everything looked good there.

Then I did a Compression test and found I had really low Cylinders Pressures across the board. 105 lowest 150 highest, So I figured I must have worn the rings out And decided to pull the motor and put my back up 532 back in the make the last pull of the season at WaterTown WI this Saturday. So as I was finishing up getting the 532 ready to go in the truck on Monday, My Buddy Bruce Wagner stopped over and we started to talk about what was going on with my Truck.

He said he never heard of a motor losing all the cylinder at one time and it must be something hokey with my compression gauge. So he went and got his gauge and we did another compression test. He was right my gauge was off by 100 Psi so my cylinders where OK 215 my lowest and 235 my highest. So then we started to talk about how he was watching my wheels at the Kewaunee pull and he said that they didn't match what the engine was turning. So we decide to pull the tranny and see what was going on in there. 

 So I pulled the tranny and dropped it off at Bruce's Shop on Tuesday Morning and Bruce said he'd call me when it was Done. 4:30 he called it was done, what he found was the Pump had worn a groove in the face plate and gear and wasn't pumping at full efficiency and we smoked the 3rd gear clutch pack, But all was fixed now and it was good to go.

 So back in the truck it goes with a new 3500 Stall converter and got everything buttoned back up Wednesday Night. At work that night I was talking to another Buddy Travis Emmes about what we all found with the tranny and I told him when I got home from work I was going to do a few Driveway hole shots to see if everything was working right.

SO I was out in the shop Thursday Morning getting ready to test ShaZam when Bruce Stopped in to see how everything was going. Fired up ShaZam did a forward and reverse test in the shop and told him when I got his truck out of the way I was going to do a few Burners in the driveway to make sure everything was working right, He said should be a good test.

So as he was leaving the driveway to go to his shop for the day I fired up ShaZam rolled her out of the shop and as I hit the gravel I put it in 3rd and Matted the gas and ShaZam spun the wheel for about 10' when Something let loose and the Engine rev'd to 8500. So I put in Reverse and it would back up but when I put it in 1,2,3 it wouldn't go forward. So I back her in the shop and went down to Bruce's shop to let him know I busted the tranny.

Now seeing I've been living on about 4 hours of sleep each day this week I told Bruce I could Drop the tranny out in about 45 minutes and have it down in his shop to see what I broke in it. Or I could head home take a nap and bring ShaZam to his shop after 5:00 and pull it out using one of his hoist, So I wouldn't have to do this on my back again this week. At my age my shoulder just can't hack doing two trannies in one week on the shop floor and creeper.

 He said ya bring it down and we'll get it fixed after the shop closed for the day. So headed home took a nap till 3:30 got ShaZam loaded up and headed down to the shop at 4:30. At 5:00 ShaZam was on the big hoist and I started to pull the tranny 6:00 tranny was on the jack heading to the rebuilding station, where when Bruce pull the pump he found I sheared the forward Clutch housing from the clutch pack and broke that on the side also .. pretty much making it junk.

So lucky for me Bruce rebuild tranny for a living and had a few extra C6's in his inventory. New forward drum few other odds and ends and the tranny was ready to be reinstalled 7:00 p.m. Back on the tranny jack and up in ShaZam it goes.

Had everything buttoned up and running by 9:00 p.m. Loaded on the trailer headed home, took a shower and headed off the work at 10:00 p.m.

Tonight ShaZam got all washed up and ready for the Trip to WaterTown tomorrow Morning (Sat.) at 9:00 A.M. 3 hour drive there and I'll let you all know how the pulls goes there ..

This is a All Star Pull with 5 teams from all over WI, Ill. and Minn. each team has 5 trucks and they add your distances together to see which team wins the event. Our team consists of (Captain) Jeff Rivers After Shock Chevy, Bruce Wagner Bad to the Bone Ford, Brian Gilboy Ackey Breaky Ford, Ross Davis and his Green Truck Chevy and Me and my Ford I call ShaZam.

 Well lets see how we do in Watertown

Dan and ShaZam