Collins WI

June 11 2005, 9:27 PM 

 Well I at least got to run Shazam down the track today ..First time down the track I didn't turn the R's I really Expected. So I changed to a lower gear for the next class.
And then there was a bad incident with one of the trucks and the eliminator, where the weight box popped out of gear and the truck had a free run down the track and then had to deal with the eliminator pushing him out of the park and into a ditch. Pretty much making his Truck Junk..
After getting everything straightened out they decided to pull the sled in the other direction where if it happened again they had a 40 acre field to slow down in. Which is the way it should have been in the first place. But hey I'm not running the show there.
Well when I finally got to pull the sled pulled like an anchor I turned less r's then I did in the first class and Now I'm pushing oil out the dip stick tube. So I still have a lot to learn with the New set-up.
All in all I placed 4th in the light class and 5th in the heavy out of 10 trucks better then last place I guess.