Well the Copperfest Truck pull was last night. Needless to say I'm really Bummed out.
Left for the pull at 4 P.m. the pull was only two towns away. Got there at 4:40 P.m. Registered for my classes before 5:00 P.m.

Light Rain just really a fine mist .... Perfect Truck Pulling weather.. Track looks Great.

Pull Starts on time 7:00 p.m. We have a NTPA Elimanator running this pull Called MEAN GREEN.. Can't say Enough about this Crew.Every Class they had it Dailed in, We have a 340' Track and they said they'd let us run to the end of it.
Starting with the 4500 # Stock Trucks, They ran great with the first place Truck taking it to the 285.27' mark for the Win. Light Rain with spot of heavier misting .

Next class was the 5000# Stock Trucks Class had 23 Truck in the field..As long as they keep moving the Track is holding up good. Still a light Rain.
First place pull of 324.15' with 2nd place pulling 322.80' and 3rd place 315.16'

Next we have the 6000# Stock Truck Class with 13 Trucks in there to take there turn at MEAN GREEN.
Track is still holding up good with each truck it looking Good First place Truck pulled it 332.45' 2nd 327.95' and 3rd. 310.47....

Man This Crew has it Dailed in ...

OK Fokes Now Comes the Open Stock Truck,The first Big Buck Class.. 10 Trucks line up to put the Hurt On MEAN GREEN..

First place Pull was 332.35' 2nd. 332.19' 3rd was 330.12'

Ok only one more class to before I'm up .. Seeing it's been raining I didn't unload ShaZam from the trailer, Time to get her ready to go...

As the Open Stock Class ended The Sky decided to open up, I no sooner Got ShaZam Off the Trailer and it was raining Buckets. OK Rain delay ..
The Eliminator Crew says They'er having trouble getting it back to the line .. It's a Grease pit out there .. Well if the Rain stops they say they'll just scape the track down to get to the good clay again...

Sounds Good .. But 30 minutes later they Call it to Rain ... Bummer Put ShaZam back On the Trailer and get her ready for the Long ride home ;-((
ShaZam get upset if She can't Stritch her leg At least every other weekend ....
Back Home at 12:30 A.m

Well the next pull will be this Sunday Down in Manitowoc.. ShaZam will get to Stritch her legs there..
I Hope 

So How's everyone else doing this season..?????

I'll let you all know how it goes .....