CZ Bushville Nationals

Well this was the first time they had a Truck and Tractor pull. They had Lawn mower pulls before but never the big stuff. So they added 50 feet onto the track to make it a full 320’ long.  We are pulling next to a corn field where the corn is 10’ tall as of July 31st.

 So the class orders for the night 12,500 Hobby Farm, Open Stock, 17,000 Farm, 15,000 Farm, Street Diesel, 9500 LHF, Super Stock, 12,500 Open Farm, Working Stock Semi’s, and then the Pro Street Semi’s.

So as I watch the Classes go thru they watered the track for the first 2 classes and the Open Stock guys got a really slippery track, but they couldn’t stop watering in the middle of the class because that wouldn’t be fair, so by the end of that class the track was almost a grease pit. Luckily we had these two farm classes to help mix up the clay a little before the Street diesel guys get up. Well the clay dried out and they should have started to add water again toward the end of the street diesel class but everyone was afraid it would get slippery again, Plus with the sun down now the water usually works its way back up to the top but not today for some reason.  The 9500 LHF ran with no water and the track got really loose so they started to add water after the last 9500 LHF tractor ran. So they worked the track for a bit with water as they reweighted the sled for the Super Stock Truck. We had 7 trucks in the class tonight I was the 5th truck to hook, 1st puller of the class was Brad Ruege he got hooked up to the sled and ecked the sled down the track to the 170’ mark and shut it down. Being first puller he turned that pull down to come back at the end of the class, Good move Bad move one will never know. So next up was Mike Kauss, Mike pulled the sled to the 300.31’ mark track was still loose, Next up was Justin Kusch he pulled the sled to the 292.07’ mark, tracks not getting any better yet, Next up was Jack Peters he pulled the sled to the 290.56’ mark.

  ShaZam was up next Track was still loose but I figured we just have to deal with it the best we could. So I pull out on the track and I see these deep ruts that the eliminator was backed into. I should of at that moment shut my truck off and asked for the sled to be moved to the other side of the track, He was a good 8” deep But I didn’t instead I just backed up and got hooked to the sled, I pulled the chain tight and was given the green flag, As I brought the r’s up I tried not to blow the tires off ShaZam but instead I rode the clutch the best I could for the first 50 feet or so, but you have to getty up sooner or later so at the 75’ mark it was time to get, so I gave ShaZam a mit full of throttle and the tach zinged up to 8000 rpm’s and I could still feel the sled holding me back so I let out of the throttle a bit but it didn’t seem to help so hammer back down and let’s see how far we go, the sled stopped me at 296.59’ Putting me in 2nd place.

Next up was Tom Scheffen He saw the ruts the sled was parking in and had the sled move over to the other side of the track and as he took off he still had some soft spots but it was a better take off then ShaZam had, Tommy pulled the sled to the 300.49’ mark taking over 1st place by 18 one hundred of a foot. So John Vanne was up next and John took off easy and pulled the sled to the 288.12’ mark.

So now the show and tell of truck pulling.

 Brad Reuge hooked up to the sled, Now after 6 trucks pulled the track should be better seeing how it was being water after each truck. So Brad pulled the chain tight and took off and his motor hit his chip a few times and he played with the throttle to try and get his tires to hook but nothing was there, he was stopped at the 285.20’ mark.

So ShaZam finished 3rd for the night.

Next week I have pulls on Thursday Green Lake WI and Friday 141 Speedway. Saturdays Pull at Green Valley has been cancelled.

So till next week see ya .

Dan and ShaZam