Denmark and West Bend


July 25, 26 2009

Well my weekend wasn't much better. I had a 3-pull weekend set up. Friday I said heck with it and I stayed home and took my wife out for Dinner and a Tumble. Both where Great.

Then headed to Denmark at 2 for the pull there that was suppose to start at 7:00. Well we got there at 4:30 and I set up registration for the WUMPA Open Stock trucks that would pull that night there, and I was pulling in the Pullers Incorporated Super Stock portion of the pull. Well not 10 minutes after I got things set up we got a burst of rain. And then a 10-minute of Sun then it clouded up again and we had a 5-minute down pour that gave us close to 3” of rain and it made the track a mud bog. Then some sun again and one more down pour after that. I thought at that time this pull was not going to happen tonight. Well the showed up with a dozer and scraped 12” of clay off the track and got down to some dry stuff and made the track great.

Well the pull started one hour late but it got going with the classes being shuffled around to try and help the track get worked in for the trucks.

As the Open Stock got up to run the track was getting better but was still a little slippery, but in all the track was still a Denmark track where it will break parts. The Open Stock class put on a great showing With Ben Holtger taking 1st Derek Peetz taking 2nd and Shawn Hadel taking 3rd.

Next class up was the Super Stock Trucks we had 13 trucks in the class and I pulled number 3 in the line up. And as the class started it began to rain again and the track greased up fast. By the time I got out there to pull I had little to no traction at all, but I gave it my best shot and at the 250’ mark I had my engine lose a cylinder and dropped 1000 rpms and stopped at the 260’ mark. As I tried to back up I couldn’t keep it idling and it seemed to have sucked the intake gasket in, as it seemed to have a bad vacuum leak. Well I got it to the top of the hill and shut it down, and then got a tow back to my trailer where I let it sit till the pull was over and I then did a compression test to see which cylinder was low on compression. I found 3 plugs with burnt off electrodes one cylinder on the drivers side was a little low on compression @ 175 while the rest where at 200. Then I got to the passenger side and found the first 2 plugs looked great then I took number 3 and it was smashed closed, ok no gap no fire what closed the gap? Put the gauge on no pressure at all the looked into the hole and seen the top of the piston all banged up and no valve lash on the intake side. Upon closer visual I seen the valve stem was busted and the rocker was holding the spring in place. OK so my weekend is done but I’m doubled up with Bruce for the weekend so I have to head to West Bend WI on Sunday just to watch and root the boys on.  So you think my weekend was bad at this point. NO it was just getting going. So the pull at West Bend got done at 7:00 p.m. and I had a 185-mile drive a head of me to get home. So as we left West Bend  at 7:50 and Stopped for Fuel in Sheboygan WI and this is where it gets good.


As I got up to speed back on the freeway we had a Train of 3 trucks pulling trailers with Pulling Trucks on them heading North. I was in the right lane doing 70 mph and the Truck at the end of the pack decided to take the lead from me, which I was wore out and let him go. He just got passed me and then he took a hard right into the slow lane and that kind of caught me off guard, then I looked in the mirror and seen the Blue and Reds behind me, As I pulled off to the shoulder the Officer pulled behind me and my night was going to get better. 8:35 p.m.

So I pulled all the paper work I had out of the glove box and started to look for the registration for the truck and trailer. I had all the paper for the last 8 years in there on all 3 truck and trailers I have. The Officer came to the window and said Sir the reason I stopped you tonight was I didn’t see your plate on the back of the trailer, But as I was walking up here I see it’s on the side of your ramp. Can I see your License and registrations please? As I found the current years papers I handed him them and he said stay put I’ll be right back. OK it’s now 8:45 and at 9:10 he’s still in his car writing stuff down. Finally at 9:20 he shows up with a second officer and asked me to come to the back of the trailer with him. 

OK here’s where it gets really good.

 The Officer says to me Mr. Homa for the most part you did everything right so far. But here’s where you messed up. The plates have to be on the back of the trailer so I’m giving you a warning for that. I said OK I’ll fix that tomorrow. He said they have to be in plan view and luminated at night. OK I’ll have to work on that seeing the back of the trailer isn’t that user friendly.


 You have to get a DOT number cuz you’re a money making operation. Even if you don’t make any money all year you still have the chance to make some money at each event you go to. And you have Advertising on the side of the Trucks being displayed as you drive down the highway as well as down the tracks where you pull. If you stay close to home 125 mile or less, you won’t need a logbook more the 125 then you have to log everything down in the book.


 He said here’s the tuff part, you have a 12,000 # plate on your truck and you have a 20,000 # plate on your trailer, And in the state of Wisconsin. You need a CDL for anything plated over 26,001 #, mine is Plated @ 32,000 # . The Officer said I know your just trying to be legal in all aspect but YOU don’t have a CDL Mr. Homa.

 So he told me he’d escort me to the next Truck Stop up the road where I can drop my trailer, And bring back someone with a CDL to drive it home. Or call someone with and CDL to come and get you tonight. Which my Buddy Bruce does have a CDL but he was driving home with the other guy that was behind me in the train and they where now 50 miles down the road when I called him to come back and get me. Well any ways as we where sitting at the truck stop waiting for Bruce to get there the officer gave me the warning and then a ticket for not having a CDL and I now have to go to court in a month to pay the fine of which I have no clue what it’s going to be. But I’m sure the judge will make an example of me. Cuz the one thing the officer told me was to pass this on to your Friends. Were looking for ya all.

So today I punch up the web site for a DOT number and there it is in plan view as of July 5th there cracking down on us. Here’s the link to get your DOT number and become a Truck Pulling business. Because we all know how much money we all make at this sport.

Well Bruce finally got there and after the officer checked out his CDL to make sure it was valid we where on our way home 10:20 P.m. and I now know what I need to do to be more legal on the road in Wisconsin, After I get my DOT number I’ll be taking my CDL test.

So OK today I get ShaZam into the shop and pull the heart out of her and get it on the table to die sect the problem. Yap pulled the head and the valve was shoved into the intake port and it has the stem bent over and probley bent the valve guide. I’ll let Charlie fix all the bogeying up of the combustion chamber I did. And replace what ever needs to be replaced.  I also found where the Copper head gasket was pushed out on top of the middle two cylinders for some odd reason. We’ll be looking into that one too. And we found some other little things that make one go Hmmm. and we’ll be addressing those as well.

For the most part My season is over at this time. I had thought about throwing my back up motor in. but with the current working trend I been on Money is tight. Been on 32 hours weeks for the last year and now where working 32 with one or two weeks off a month with unemployment. Hope the economy pick up soon so I can start making some money again.

Hey everyone go out and buy a new car so I can make part for the new ones.

Dan and ShaZam