Ok then here's DePere WI

August 5 2007 at 9:09 AM

DePere WI Pull

Well I only have one pull this weekend it’s at DePere WI on Friday night. The exit to get to this pull had been closed for resurfacing for the last month so I had to find a back way into the pull. Which wasn’t a problem with my Magellan GPS type in the address and bing bang here’s the route. Well got there by 4:00 pull starts at 6:30 so we have plenty of time to visit with the pullers and check out the track condition. There seemed to be a big wet spot at the end of the track that they had been working on with the bobcats to dry out but the rest of the track was dryer then a popcorn fart. Tried to get the guys on the tractors with the box scrappers to put some water on it but, they felt they had the situation under control and wouldn’t listen to me, I mean what do I know anyway.

So to bring you all up to speed this pull is with the NEW Club and I’m currently sitting in 2nd place in points, by just 2 points under Troy Laubach’s Locked and Loaded Chevy. If you remember the Pound WI pull Both Troy and I got in a Pull off and he put a good spanking on me. Ok different track but the same Red sled this week so I was hoping to have a repeat of last time only this time ShaZam would come out on top.
Well as the stock class started the track was really dusty and after the announcer and the crowd started to complain the tractor drivers started to put some water on the track. Daddy was the first puller in his class so I told him if he wasn’t happy with his pull to turn it down and come back around. Well the other stock classes seem to find some good traction hugging the west safety wall of the track, So I let Daddy know this and he went out and hooked to the sled as I ran down to the other end to watch him come down the track. Well he seemed to come out of the hole a little lazy and the truck didn’t seem to hook really good to the track and the truck stopped at 213.5’, So I gave him the turn it down signal and he came back around in 3rd place for his repull, This time I was hoping he’d come out a little harder, Which he did and it seemed to get a better hook but when the weight hit him the truck didn’t seem to hang in there like it use to, and was stopped at he 233.4’ mark this time. So he bettered his first pull but he ended up in 4th place for the day. So we loaded Daddies truck onto the trailer for the day knowing he had a good pull and got his folding chair out to watch the rest of the pulls.

So as the class line ups came and went I seen Tory get a 100 gear from my Buddy Dean, heard something about he found a chipped tooth on the one in his truck. Well it was finally time for the Super Stock trucks to pull at 8:30 and the track was really coming around nice. When I first got there I put a really big gear in thinking I’d try to get the mid track speed of 26 mph to help put ShaZam out the end of the track. But just before I staged ShaZam I dropped down 2 gears sizes to an 1100 and stood pat on the change.
I lucked out with my draws and I was 2nd to last puller in both classes. As I watched the other competitors I saw Tory’s truck getting pulled back to his trailer. I heard he busted his transfer case as he was headed down to the scale. Bummer Dude…….

Well as the trucks headed down the track I saw the speeds of the truck range from 18 to 22.6 mph so when it was ShaZam turn to hook I had just one more thing to keep my eye on tonight, the radar sign at the end of the track. Well it was finally ShaZam’s turn to yank this sled down the track, So as I pulled out onto the track I started to look for my line down the track, looking for the little bit of glissing of the clay and decided to run it down the left side and tried to take it out the end. This sled has a little quirk to it as you leave the line it picks the pan off the ground about 10” and then it slams back down and it had started a bump in the track, as I tightened up the chain and got the green flag I rolled the sled out about 30 ‘ where the pan then hit the track and gave me a little bounce in the rear and from there I let ShaZam have her way with the sled and the track, I stepped on the go fast peddle and the R’s came up to 7800 and then settled back to 7600 for the mid track run and I seen the Radar read 22.? So I knew I had it going on, so when the weight box hit the top of the sled I felt the big jerk and then I felt my momentum slow and ShaZam was stopped at the 321.11’ mark. Good enough for a 3rd place finish for the night and 1st place in the points.

So up on the trailer to change tires and regear for Mod.
As I replayed the run on the tach I noticed The r’s came down a little faster in the run then I’d like them to and I guess that’s why I stopped short for the 330’ full pull line. So I noted I had to big of a gear in and I should have been one or two lower yet.
So I changed tires and put a lower gear in from my box of gears and headed back to the scale. Standing around down there shooting the bull with the boys two of the buddies said they didn’t change gears for this run so I noted to keep an Eye on there runs to see how much the speed changed when they went down the track from Super to Mod.
First truck up was my buddy Dean he had a really good run and kept his pull, Saying he felt that was the best his truck had to offer and seeing he was sitting at the 308.58’ mark and a speed of 18 mph Anytime you pull it further the 300’ your doing good in this sport.

I sat and watched the other 2 trucks pull and then my buddy Bruce was up next running the same gear as Super Stock, his speed in Super 22.8 mph. So in his Mod run he got a really good hook and had a track speed of 22.0 mph on this run and put his truck out to the 324.32. Wow there’s my target tonight. Tonight I followed Jack Peters and as he left the line his truck hooked at the 25’ mark and laid a really good pull down. So as I pulled onto the track I figured get on it as soon as the pan hits and hold on till the end.

So as I got the ok to pull up the slack out of the chain I found my mark and got the green flag, Set the tach to record and eased it out of the hole till I felt the pan slap the ground and then I hammed the gas and I watched the radar say 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 21, 18 and then I stopped watching it and focused on where I wanted to end up. When ShaZam stopped I was just what looked like inches from the lead truck cone. But I ended up at the 317.84’ mark just .46’ out of 2nd place for a 3rd place finish in Mod for the night.

When I replayed the run on the tach it looked like I had the right gear but after further review with others it seems I dropped one gear too much in this run seeing the tires came out from under ShaZam when the box hit the top and I had to put the grunt down and keep it going, So Noted in the log book.

Next week we have our Club pull at Equity Park and I’ll have the write up from that pull the best I can give. Seeing as I’ll be the announcer for the pull and I have asked my buddy Travis Emmes to run ShaZam down the track for me that day, Seeing I’ll be just to busy and caught up in the event so to say..