Four Pull Weekend


July 16,17,18,19 2009

What a week I had. We had Pulls on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Left the house at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday for Amhurst WI, Pulling Bad to the Bone and ShaZam on the trailer, got there at 6:00 p.m. got all inspected and signed up for the class. As it worked out the Super Stock class was the 5th class that night out of 6 that they had.

The first few classes got to work the track up so it was getting better for the Super stock trucks, But it was still a little sloppy and it showed in the first run that stopped at 260’ on a 330’ track so the sled operator lighten the sled up some to help the show. As the night went on the track was getting better with each truck that ran. I ended up being in the middle of the pack for the line up so I thought I might be OK. But as it turned out it didn’t work as good as I thought it would. Bruce was the 6th Truck to pull in the class and Pulled the sled 301.25’Putting him in 3rd place after this pull with Donny Skinkis sitting in 1st place at the time with a 310.20’, When it was my turn to pull I took to long to get up to speed and even though the run sounded good it fell short at 297.30’ As I went to the end of the track to watch the rest of the trucks pull they just seemed where I was slowing down there picking up speed. With the last 4 trucks in the class taking over the top 4 places knocking Donny to 5th and Bruce to 8th, I finished 12th out of 25 trucks. Which isn’t too bad I guess.

OK so it’s now 9:30, so I went and drank some beer with the fellow pullers till 12:00 the headed to the truck to sleep for the night. It was getting kind of chill out so I fired up the generator and plugged in the quartz space heater I have in the truck to warm thing up some, Drank one more beer and once the truck got toasty I shut the generator off and went to sleep.

Be fore I knew it the sun was coming up and the birds where chirping and it was cold out, so I fired up the generator again to heat the truck up again, but it only ran for about 5 minutes and it ran out of gas, So I figured it was time to get up get something to eat and then head to Rosholt WI which was 14 miles north west of Amhurst. So found this cute little breakfast restaurant had some eggs and potatoes then found a gas station and filled up the generator and Grunt truck with fuel.

Pulled into the fair ground at Rosholt at 7:30 a.m. and took a nap off and on till 10:00 then got up and took ShaZam off the trailer and went thru the valves found everything ok there. Dropped one ¼” nyloc nut and couldn’t find it for nothing in the hay field I was in.

So I had lunch on the grounds and pretty much wasted the rest of the day in between rain showers drying off ShaZam and keeping her looking good. Pull didn’t start till 8:00 p.m. but I could see it feasible to drive home 135 miles then135 miles back when the towns where only 14 miles apart.

So for the most part there were only two things that I had issues with at this pull. 1st the track was built in some what of a valley where you start with a little down hill then hit the bottom and ¾” of the track was Up hill. So as it turned out the promoter of the pull just happened to be a tractor puller I knew. And I was talking with him and asked if they ever thought about running the other way towards the gate in the fence. He said hey we been running it this way for 20 years but he’d be willing to try something different as long as the sled guys where OK with it.

Which is my 2nd issue with the pull, the red Tractor tracks sled which with his rackers down the sled seems to jump and jerk as it goes down the track So as luck would have it they showed up and agreed to run down hill, Cool and then when I asked about the rackers he said it’s all he’s got to slow us big trucks down. But I told him to let’s try something new, those racker are doing nothing but wreaking your sled and our Trucks. I told him to pull the rackers up and put chains under the pan. So he pulled the long 20’ chain out of the box and was going to loop to from one side of the pan to the other, but that acts just as bad as his rackers loading and unloading as it goes down the track, So I suggested to run the chains thru the holes he had in the splash shield and let the chains drag in a line 2’ apart under the pan. He said he’s try it but didn’t think it would work. 

Well after the 3rd truck in the stock class he said it’s working better then he’d thought it would and had to reset the box to go up slower. For the most part he said he really didn’t think those little chains would do what they did to the sled but it made it nice to pull again.

But any ways the night went good and I finished 5th in Super which is where I seem to be stuck in the club, and I took 3rd in Modified.

So with the pull over it was once again beer drinking time, And John had a camp fire going and chairs around the pit so we sat there drinking till 2:30 then headed to the truck and fell a sleep for the night.  5 a.m. Got up and headed home for a shower and to see the Misses had breakfast and headed to Shakey Lakes to set –up the registration booth for the pull there. Tractors started at noon and lasted till 3:00 and the trucks started at 3:30 and I have to say it went pretty good for the day. And then at 5:30 the sled broke a shear pin and it took an hour for the boys to get that fixed. We finished the last two classes for the day and then we had a few cocktails over by the trailer. I finished 3 in Super and 5th in Mod for the day. And I’ll be real here I was dead beat tired. The plan was to stay and listen to the music and drink beer till 11:30 then sleep over night there and head home in the morning.  But I wimped out and went home to sleep the night in my big bed instead.


OK so got up at 6:00 a.m. had some stuff to get done before we headed off to

 Fond du Lac WI. Then we changed over to the DOT tires seeing we didn’t need the Mod tires today and why carry and extra 500 pound with if we don’t need to. So where back on the road at 9:00 a.m. heading down south made it to Fond du Lac by 11:30 and had no problems find a parking space. Got Signed up and there was only 14 trucks there today, compared to the 25 that where at Amhurst. But there where still enough of those big shot motors there to play havoc with me.

Last time I pulled here was back in 1998 with my Stock Truck and I remember it as a trotter type sand pit. But to my amazement they graded off the sand and theirs good Red clay under there. So the first class of diesel trucks ran and only 2 of them broke their drive shafts. Which tells me there bit out there, Then the street Alters ran and they put on a good show but nobody broke, but from them I could tell the gear I needed to run in my truck that day and I had it in the box already. When the Super Stock class started Gary set the sled one tick to tight so he loosened it up with the first truck pulling 280’ on a 315’ track. Then the next truck set the bar at 295’ so Gary was happy with the sled settings and the class was on its way.

When I first got there and pulled into the parking area I parked next to Jake Luther’s Rig, I’ve pulled with these boy at Shoto a few time so I guess you could say where friends. And the kid just put a pro-fab in their truck this year and he was kind of fishing around as to what gear do I think they should run. So I asked what have they been running so far this season and he told me, and I then asked what Rpm’s where they looking to turn there

Motor at and he said 8200. But lately they only had been able to get 7800 out of the motor. So I told him if it was “me” I’d put this gear in there and then control the r’s with the foot feed.   Well the old man thought it was to low of a gear, which I have no problem with that it’s his opinion but I told him don’t ask me for advise and then tell me I’m wrong. So the Kid put the gear in and sealed up the box.

Now as the class was going the old man was on my shoulder are you sure thats the right gear, I told him to tell the kid just roll the truck out 5 feet then matte it and get the tires going and then hang on because at the 150’ mark it’s going to hook.

Well Bruce was the 6th truck to pull in the class and as of then the Evolution Chevy was in 1st place with a 305’ pull (Goodwin Motor) So Bruce played his cards right and pulled the sled to a 301’ putting him in 2nd place at the time. Then two truck later came the Luther’s truck, And the kid drove it just as I told him to rolled it out 5 feet the matted it

And at the 150 mark I heard his motor hook and he was off to the races coming to a stop at 303’ + change, Putting them in 2nd place. Wow the old man said, I then leaned over to him and said you’re on your own now I’m done giving out free information. That there was a years worth of learning in my book.

Well I was 2nd to last to pull in the class so I sat and watched the trucks go down the track, Some went to the left and some went down the middle and some went right they all where landing around that 295 to 300 foot mark. It was finally my turn and I decide to try and run the middle of the track and punch it out the end.

Well as I tightened up the chain got my bearings on the track set the tach to record, made sure all the switched where on the Slammed it into 3rd gear rolled it 5’ then gave ShaZam a hand full and the tach went to 5,6,7,8, then settled at 8200 down the track so that’s where I wanted to be so I figured we be in the 300+ mark. But at the 285 mark I could feel the sled bearing down hard on me and I was pushing as hard as I could on the hand throttle but there wasn’t any more to be had. ShaZam came to a stop at 298’ + change only 2 feet short but a mile away from Bruce and the others I though. So I put ShaZam on the trailer and started to chain her down when Chuck Champaign came to the line. Now Chucky is known to like the big gears and he had a biggin in there today. He pretty much side stepped the clutch at 6500 off the line and roasted his tires till he hit the 200’ mark where the tires hooked to the track and he blew by everyone at the end of the track pulling out a 315.8’ pull on a 315’ track he was right against the block bearer that was at the end of the track. We finished the day with Bruce taking a 5th and I took a 8th so we made fuel money again today.


So we had two sociable beers with the boys then it was time to head it back home for the 3-hour drive.

Next week I have pulls in Mishicot WI on Friday, Denmark WI on Saturday, and West Bend WI on Sunday. Well have the stories posted as Time permits.


Dan and ShaZam