Francis Creek 7-13-05

Well after the first pull I had what sounded like a loose rocker ... tic tic tic .. Turned out to be a dying motor saying good bye to me.. Went out for the second class after checking my rockers that seemed fine.. Came off the line and at the 50 ft make put the go fast peddle down and it only turned 5000 RPM's for about 2 Seconds before it Blew up ... Hole in the oil pan with lots of water mixed in.

 This isn't the first motor I blew up but it was my first big block Ford..


  Well the ride home was a quite one, But then I started doing a time thing in my head ... This was 9 pm. Friday night and I had another pull on Sunday at Noon. Could I get a new Motor put together in time... I had all the parts on the shelve just had to put it together ... NO Problem I said to myself.. So got home took a shower then headed to bed set alarm to get up at 6:30 A.M.

6:45 A.M.

Started doing a inventory of parts I still needed and headed to the parts store when they opened..

7:00 A.M.

Plastic gage and oil filter was all I needed.

9:30 A.M.

I started file fitting the rings and worked on it till 5:00 P.M. when I had Stop work on it to take the wife out to the Fancy French restaurant that she had made 6:00 P.M. reservations for during the week, So I couldn't postpone that....

7:00 P.M.

Got back home after hitting Wal-Mart for Brake Clean, And Menards for some bolts. Changed back into my work clothes and Headed out to the shop.

7:15 P.M.

Got Shazam pushed into the shop and My Dad and I started to pull the Old motor out so I could find out what really went on inside her and pull what ever parts I need to reuse off the block and get them ready for the New motor. Only parts I really needed was the CSR Water pump and oil pan that now has a Hole in it.

7:30 P.M.

Went to drain the radiator and only got about 3 Qt. Out of it.. Hmmmmm the other 13 Qt’s went somewhere … So in order to keep the mess down to a minimum I drained the oil pan seeing there was a hole in it and it keep leaking anyway.. Suprize there’s the other 13 Qt’s of water along with the 9 Qt’s of oil ….  

8:00 P.M.

Ok tried to get the convert off but could only rotate the motor about a ¼ turn then it stopped.

 So no problem pull it with it still on .. Worry about it later .. Once it was out then we could dismantle it and finish getting the converter off. After Pulling the Intake off I found a piece Piston in the lifter valley.. ooh not looking good. Pulled the heads and found number 8 piston gone completely with just the rod and pin there, and there was no cylinder wall left at all. And it smashed up the head pretty good too . I found pieces of piston in 4 different cylinders.. That’s why it wouldn’t rotate.

  OK it’s now 10:30 P.M. and I told my dad to head home to get some sleep but be back at 6:30 A.M. and we’d put the new Motor in.. Everything I had left to do was just puttzy stuff anyway, and as soon as I had it ready and hanging on the engine hoist I would take a nap till 6:30 A.M.

 12:00 Midnight

 Moving along slowly Clayed the pistons got the heads on and got ready to index the cam in. Looked at the clock 2:00 A.M. Finished indexing the cam everything was died nuts by the way.. 3:30 A.M. wow where does the time go …Installed the valve train parts set the lash to do the piston valve clearance, 4 full rev’s and pull the heads to see what’s in the clay.. .100 to .110 on all pistons except one that was .090 .. This was with the valve lash set .002 tighter then the cam card said, so I’ll set them .002 looser then the card says and have plenty of room.

OK Buttoned everything up on the top side of the motor and time to get the bottom end finished. Had lots of stuff in the oil pan to clean up then closed the hole up and welded it tight. Had to modify the stud girdle some, but then silicon up the gasket area and installed the pan.. Flipped it and got it hanging on the engine hoist just in time for my Dad to show up..

Hey It’s 6:30 already …

 Well got it all installed and running by 10:00 A.M. on the trailer and chained down, then in the house for a quick shower and change of cloths and down the road for the pull by 10:30 A.M.  Scales close at 11:00 and where about 45 min. away so I called ahead to let them know We where on our way.. Got there with 20 minutes too spare. Got register and took a nap for about 15 minutes in the truck before the pull started..


   OK Now for the Pull …………………


Super stock was the first class for me today with the old motor I was running 1400 gear in 2nd gear and she’d turn 7400 RPM’s just where I wanted it.. So for ShaZam maiden voyage I put the 1600 gear in.. And hope it all worked right.. Due to my shifter clicks not matching the tranny clicks I can’t get it all the way into 3rd and keep it there, so I play in 2nd instead.

 Well pulled up to the sled tighten up the chain and as I left the line it was like I couldn’t get the tires to hook to anything. Feathering the throttle down the track she go from 5500 to 7500 I didn’t want to go over 7400 for her first run. Finished 11th out of 19 trucks.. OK so switch over to the Mod tires and put my biggest gear in it 2000 when the time came too get hooked to the sled, ShaZam came off the line Smooth and when I hammered the go fast peddle down the tach came up to 7400 and held there for most of the way down the track to almost the end where it went up to 7800. When all was said and done I finished 3rd out of 9 trucks … Cool beans for my New Motor