Francis Creek

Seeing how Jodi and John were at Iola car show and swap meet I was running the show today. Jodi said she’s only a phone call away if I need here for something.

OK so I took my wife out to lunch seeing how I was going to be gone pulling all weekend. Less guilt then I guess for being gone. It’s funny how you figure out the time frame in your head as too how long it’s going to take you to get someplace. Francis Creek is 1 hour 20 minutes from my doorstep. Registration opens at 4:30 but at 1 pm I get this urge to hit the road to get there and pick my parking spot before someone else gets there and messes it all up. A few years back we parked on a 45 dreg. Angle in there parking area and it seem to make it pretty easy to get unloaded and maneuver around, also we can fit about 6 more rigs I the parking area doing it this way. When they have us park on a 90 dreg. It’s just a total clusterfuck.

So I get there @ 2:30 unload the stuff at the registration booth and Pull my rig into the corner of the lot @ a 45 dreg. Angle and not 2 minutes later there’s 3 more rigs in the parking area. Boy I guess I timed this one right. So everyone then followed suit and the parking filled up fast. I open Registration @ 4 seeing I had ShaZam all ready to pull for the night. Registration went really well, Jodi called once to chat and see how things were going and pass some texts she got on to me of pullers who were on their way but might be late.

So super stock was the 4th class tonight and I was the 7th puller in the class. Jake Berlin was 1st puller and he pulled 307’ at 21 mph. Josh reset the sled by adding weight to the box. This make’s Jeff Koller the 1st puller. Jeff Pulled it 289’ @ 18 mph and Josh was happy with the sled but Jeff turned his pull down to come back at the end of the class. So next up was Bob Ernt’s he pulled 289.94 @ 18.8 mph, Next was Jack Peters he pulled the sled 285.55’ @ 17.30 mph, Next was Mike Kauss he had a good hook I’d say pulling the sled 306.60’ @ 21.20 mph. moving into 1st place.

  Mike and I were talking when Jake made his run and I told Mike they should just leave the sled set the way it was, that truck is getting better each week and they just got a new carb. on it this week, He had good speed so had they left the sled set I’d say the top distance would have been in the 330’ range which the track here is 350’ easy. But I’m only a little clog in this big machine so I let it go and hoped I did well tonight.

So up next was Brad Ruege he got hooked up and blew the tires off it at the line and his truck hooked to the track at the 50’ mark and he was on his way to one great ride, landing the sled at the 306.78’ @ 21.30 mph putting him in first place by .18 of a foot. Next up was ShaZam As I maneuvered to get ShaZam hooked to the sled I looked down the track and saw nothing but Shinny Clay, Meaning there’s not a bad part in the track. You just have to pick the best line and hope it was the right one. So with the chain tight I brought the r’s up to 6000 and started to leave the line as ShaZam rolled out 5’ I mated the throttle WO and broke the tires free the r’s went to 7800, But the tires hooked again at the 70 foot mark and brought my R’s down to 7000 and it worked the r’s up to 7600 and floated around 7200 to 7600 during the run that lasted all of 22 Sec. Landing the sled at the 305.76’ @ 21.2 mph. As I was loading ShaZam onto the trailer Derek Peetz Hooked up and made his run, All I could see was the score board and it read 305.01 @ 19.80 mph, As I headed back to the announcers booth I see ShaZam is seating in 3rd place behind Mike Kauss , Next up was Tommy Scheffen and he hooked up to the sled . Now earlier in the day I was talking to Tom and he said he couldn’t get his clutch to slip at Sugarbush so tonight he was just going to bring it up to 6000 rpm’s and side step the peddle and let it eat. And he did His truck took a lunge and a little hop and then it brought his r’s down and he slowly brought them back up, he had himself a ride from hell going. His truck was giving him everything it had and the sled stopped him at the 309.79’ @ 21.4 mph moving him into 1st place, Next up was Scott Kieckbusch he got hooked up and pulled the chain tight and as he left the line He blew his tires loose but then he had to get out of it three time to slow his wheel speed down to get hooked to the track and once he did that then his r’s where out of his power band and he really had to work it to get them back up. When you only have 20 to 22 sec. to get all this stuff done a lot of shit is happening inside the cab of the truck, the sled stopped Scott at the 305.67’ mark @ 21.6 mph As Scott said to me later in the night I’m just a tick behind you .. yes .09 of a foot.

OK next up was John Vanne he hooked up and took off and the Junk yard Dog had her boots full tonight Pulling the sled 298.14’ @ 19.50 mph. So now Jake comes back and he re-geared his truck so it would spin more Rpm’s This time he pulled the sled 294.42’ @ 18.80 mph and the last puller in the class is Jeff Koller he pulled the sled 290.07’@19.30 mph.

So ShaZam ends up taking 4th for the night by the time I got all the checks wrote out it was 12:30 a.m. and it was time to get some sleep.

Woke up at 6:15 a.m. and headed to Lena and was eating breakfast at the dinner at 7:30 a.m. Got In to the parking area by 8:30 a.m.  Got tires change on ShaZam and gave her a bath and she’s all looking pretty by 10:00 a.m.

So now it’s just sit and wait till 2:00 to open Registration.


Later Dan and ShaZam