Francis Creek Days 2008

July 13 2008 at 3:54 PM

Well Boys I didn't do as good as I had planned on Friday night, In the Light class I over spun my tires, and never hooked to the track. And in the heavy class I placed 5th out of 10 trucks as the track went away on us as the night went on, so I paid for my fuel down there that day.

So I stayed the night there and went thru ShaZam during the day to make sure everything was up to par. It was which made me feel good, So got a shower in and headed back to the track for Sat. Nights pulls.

While we where cleaning the trucks up from the rain we got the night before, Donny Skinkis asked if we should see if they'd let us run a Bar tire class there. I said better yet replace the lite class with a bar tire class so maybe we could get some hook out there.

So after talking with the President of the Club I let him take a vote on what they wanted to do.  So after they did a truck count that had the bar tires with they found they had 3 trucks with out them so we then asked what we could do to possible make it even for both trucks to run. It was decided that the trucks that had the DOT tires would be given weight advantage over the Bar tire trucks. So trucks with the bar tires had to weigh 5700 and the DOT tire trucks could weigh 6250. So now it make for more interesting show for the folks up in the stands.

As it worked out a Truck with the DOT tires took first place in the class and then it was Bar tires down to 8th place and the last two truck had DOT tires in the class, it worked out good for everyone. I placed 4th for the day in this class.

So Thru the DOT tires back on added the 500 pounds back into the weight box and got ready for the 6250 Class.

Also note that I was the Announcer for the pull on both nights. And I made sure the crowd understood what was going on thru out the pull.

So with the start of the heavy class the first truck to pull went 298' but turned it down to come back around because he knew there was going to be a few trucks making it out the end for Full Pulls.

So as the class was running thru the order the First truck to make it out the end was Jeff Kakuk he was the 5th truck in line out of 10 trucks in the class and I was the 8th truck in the class to pull. So the next 2 trucks made it down into the 280's and it was ShaZam's turn next to pull.

When I left the line I rolled ShaZam out to the 100' mark before I gave her a hand full and the tires where hooked to the track big time as I put it to max throttle the tach went to 7500 and held there for a while then sucked down to 7200 and then back to 8000 as I passed the Full Pull mark.

You couldn't ask for a better run then that, So I brought ShaZam back around behind Jeff's truck for the pull off as the last two trucks ran hoping to make it a 3 or 4 truck pull off. As it turned out it was just Jeff and myself that had to make one more run down the track.

They thru down one logging chain and Jeff hooked up and pulled the sled 215'

Which is usually how it works with the chain down from 300+ to 215. So As I looked down the track and found the line I wanted to run I got all set and said to my self I wanted to head down the left side of the track tonight.

So as I left the line I gave the sled about 5 feet of roll before I hammered the throttle down and ShaZam came to life with a 7800 Rpm roar. And off to the race we went. As I blew passed the 215' make I could feel the sled taking its toll on my tires. I was loosing traction and ShaZam came to a stop at the 235' mark. Hot Dam 1st place ..,.. Just like old time here in Francis Creek.

So for the weekend I took 5th, 6th, 4th, and 1st. Made enough cash to pay for the weekend, which is really all I ask for.