Francis Creek Saturday Night Pull

July 16 2007 at 6:57 AM

Francis Creek Saturday Night Pull

OK last I left you all we had everything fixed from Friday nights pull and ready to go for Saturday nights pull at Francis Creek Days.

We made it there in time to get the el’premo parking spot at the end of the track with the trailer for good seating for the people who wanted to seat on it. Made it over to the food tent for the world’s best Truck Pull burgers for Supper before the drivers meetings.

At the drivers meeting it was the usual stuff, But I brought up about the cool off time needed if there was a malfunction with the sled or a 2nd pull off situation like we had the night before, And it was agreed upon to give the trucks the needed time to cool off.

OK So for the first three classes I got to be the flag guy and track boss. They had sprayed the track down earlier in the day after the tractors pull that took place in the Early after noon. But the track was hard and dusty, So the guys with the Fire Truck Put a light sprinkle of water on the track in between the first class and the 2nd class and actually made the track some what softer and more user friendly. Had the boys on the tractors and Skid steer make a few passes up and down the track and it really came around fast. But we had a pretty good wind and lots of sunshine to deal with so the moisture game was pretty tricky.

Daddy had picked a late number in his class but to say the least it wasn’t his day, the Sled guys where keeping the sled set tight for everyone tonight. Someone said they had to many full pulls the night before so they where shutting everyone down early. For the most part Daddy had a good pull but it was only good enough for a 5th place finish and we where able to drive it on the trailer with no major breakage.

As they finished up the heavy Open stock class they had two trucks pull it out the end. And after resetting the sled for the pull off they both yanked it out the end again, So they where told they’d have there re pull off after the light Super stock class to let there trucks cool off. Seeing how I voiced my opinion at the drivers meeting about how the flag guy should have control of the track as far as dust control, the head sled boss asked me if I think they should water down the track a little to hold down the dust. I told him I‘d prefer if they didn’t because the tires where really hooking good on the clay in the last class and they weren’t really spinning a lot of clay up in front of the sled. But if he really wanted to go ahead just make sure not to put to much water on it and have the tractors guys work it up good afterwards.

OK on to the light Super stock class..

Seeing how I was the first puller in this class I had the free pass if it gets to slippery.

After they got done with the watering and Scraping I hooked up to the sled.
I went thru my normal per pull check list, set the play back tech to record the run, took up the slack in the chain and waited for the green flag to go.

As I left the line there was very little grip and the tach zinged up to 8000 Rpm’s way to easy, so I back peddled it and eased into again still nothing there so as soon as I hit the 100’ mark and pretty much drove the track with my tech trying to hold the r’s at 7400.
When ShaZam stopped I was at the 226’ mark, knowing the track would get better so I turned the pull down and headed to the back of the line. With 11 trucks in the class I was hoping the track would come back around. But with each truck no one was getting even close to my pull. Everyone was 190’ to 200’ range. Then my buddy Dean and his Truck Burn’in Desire pulled up to the line. I figures we been going back and forth all season so far so he should be close to my pull. From my point of view he had a really good run going and then boom he stopped. 206’ and change. I made a stop up at the announcer booth and Mary there said She thinks I might have screwed up seeing everyone was stopping short, But I told if I did then oh well, it’s just something you have to do when you feel the pull wasn’t right. So Jack Peters was the last truck in the class and he seemed to be having some issues with his truck so they called me up to pull and to give Jack some time to fix what it was that wasn’t working.

I got hooked to the sled and took up the slack and found my focus point at the end of the track. As I eased it out of the hole there was a little bit of bite there, but nowhere near what I was hoping for, So when it came to the point of no return I nailed the go fast peddle down and watched the tach hit 7900 Rpm’s and then it came down to 7600 by it’s self and I was off to the races. When I hit the 190’ mark I felt the weight box hit the top of the sled and ShaZam sat down and really began to dig for traction. I felt the front end was chattering and ShaZam just didn’t want to give up going forward, and then a big Bang and it was all over, ShaZam was sitting at the 260’ mark and I shelled out the ring and pinion. As I limped off the track the rear end would lock up every so often, So I’d have to back up a little to let the pieces fall out that jammed up the rear end. After I made it back to my pits I went to the announcers stand to let Mary know I broke and I wouldn’t be able to pull in the Heavy class. So my day of pulling ended with 5 classes left to pull.

So while I was at the announcers stand I ask if I could help out with the announcing, And I was handed the mic and they said sure.

I’ll tell you I hate to have my truck brake during a pull, but the last half of the pull I had a Great time letting the crowd know just what was really going on out there on the track.

To most people in the stands they just see Trucks come out there and hook to the sled and pull it down the clay track. Some trucks are just noisier then other truck. They don’t know the differences between Stock, Open stock, and Super stock. Or the different between the stock Diesel and the Super Stock diesel trucks. So I impaled all my wisdom onto them and pretty much kept the mic on and talked for the last 2 hours of the pull.

When the pull was over I had lots of people thanking me for doing what little announcing I did that night. They said it made the pull make more sense to them.

So even thou I didn’t get to pull in the Heavy class I still had a really good time.

I guess that’s why I write these books of mine. So everyone can enjoy this sport call Truck pulling.