OK Head to Gillett and pull into the parking area which is the street by the fairground I'm the first one here and pull my rig right on the very back parking spot. So after I unload ShaZam all I have to do is back up 20 feet pull onto the scale and right into staging. 

So after giving ShaZam a quick Bath I headed over to the food stand to get me a Big John Burger and some Cheezy Fries.

So I saw Jodi was set up ready for taking registration so I went to see if she needed any help and then brought the checkbook over to get the checks needed for the day signed. So as the drivers came in I went around and was handing out checks from the last few pulls.

So the pull started on time, tonight the Mod 4x4 / 2.6 Diesel class was the 8th class of the night with the 12,500 Tractors finishing out the night. We had 9 trucks on the roster and ShaZam was the 7th hook. Donny Skinkis was the first puller,  Putting down a run of 276.55' on a 295' track. You could get 300' but you'd have to head down the exit ramp of the track. So next puller was Dustin Gauger he pulled 241.32' next was KJ Lemberger he pulled 255.55' Next up was Derek Peetz and he pulled 269.20' Next up was Jeremy Verhagen and he pulled 221.16' Next up was Steve Swanson he pulled 252.76' Next up was ShaZam I got hooked to the sled and pulled the chain tight, I brought the r's up to 6000 and began to leave the line as I hit 7000 I could see flames coming out the passenger side header but I kept the throttle hammered down Looking to get as close to Derek as I could When the sled stopped me I was sitting at the 260.73' mark with Junk Yard Dog Pulling next behind me. As I got ShaZam on the trailer I heard Sheila take off with the sled and then I heard Jodi announce her distance of 251.87'  and the last truck in the class was Andy Waack he pulled the sled 291.09' taking over 1st place and ShaZam finished 4th for the night. ShaZam is now in 2nd place just 1 point ahead of Junk Yard Dog with one pull to go in Mod 4x4. With all the flames coming out the Passenger side header, I'm hoping their's one more run in my motor for 21 Guns Roadhouse this coming Saturday night.

Until then See ya 

Dan and ShaZam