Gillett WI Pull

July 03 2009

OK here’s a pull that was on the schedule the off the schedule and then back on again with the help of the NEW club.

Pull started at 6:30 and for the most part every thing went on as scheduled. Brenda asked me to help her announce till she got all her paper work done from registration and I was glad to help. So I spent the first 3 classes standing on the band shell talking to the crowd and along with giving them the info on the drivers, I also had a few stories to tell about how I got into Truck Pulling and spending the last 10 years with my Dad helping me at the pulls.

So anyways with the start of the Super Stock Class Frank had the sled dialed in right from the get go. On a 275’ track he placed the first truck to pull at 269.08’ and left the sled set there. Next up was Donny Skinkis and Donny laid down a perfect run of 275.04’ Front tires on the black top. I was up next and I put down a pull of 269.03’ I missed my gearing by two gears and my motor seem to labor down the track. Up next was Mike Kauss and he pulled 265.00’ so maybe Donny was just that much better then me. Then came Jack Peters and he pulled 259.03’ next was Ben Holtger and 263.05’ So I’m thinking today just like last week at Pound where we pull is where we finished. But then came Bruce Wagner and Bad to the Bone and he laid down a dame nice run and had and ignition pop and fart going down the track almost like traction control. He ended up at 274.05’ and then the very last Truck of the class was Dean Wagner and he had one of those runs that he pulled out of his ass. Never got to his peck Rpm’s but just lugged it down the track and mustered a pull of 270.00’ So I got a 5th for the night in Super

Went and changed tires for Mod.

OK so as we looked at the class line up for Mod we had 9 Truck in the class tonight, Then Dean said he remember someone saying that if we had 9 Trucks they paid down to 3rd but with10 trucks we get paid down to 5th so we talked Donny into running Mod to help the pay out for the class.

 Well as it turned out Donny got to be first puller in the class, when I noticed they only listed the top 3 as being paid out on the roster, So as Donny made his run I went and asked Brenda about it and she said she was told to only pay out the top three. OK so Frank missed his set-up on Mod and had to reset the sled by added more weight to the box. Donny had the option to get pulled back with the sled and run again or pull at the end of the class. Donny opted to return with the sled and pull first again. At which time I went and told Donny that they are only going to pay down to 3rd and seeing how Donny was pulling with only his DOT tires he didn’t have to pull and we’d give him his money back seeing it didn’t work out like we thought it would. He said I’ll pull and tightened there chain up. So with that Donny took the sled for a ride of 243.01’ the next truck up was Jeff Kakuk from Two rivers and he laid down a nice pull of 254.02’ which put him in 1st place for the time being, Next up was Bruce Wagner and as he pulled the sled down the track his truck was still spitting and sputtering but it hooked so good to the track that he pulled the sled to 260.00’ putting him in 1st place. Mike Kauss was up next and liad down a pull of 239.10’ Next was Dean Wagner and Dean figures he just didn’t come out hot enough in Super and left his gearing the same and was just going to try to come out at a more reasonable rpm like 5500 or 6000. Well the intentions where good but his truck hooked to the track the minute it left the line and he said he only turned 5200 rpm the whole run but laid down a good pull of 240.07’

Now I was up next and I had my logbook out during the tire swap and figured out the gear I needed for the run with the Chepek tires I dropped the gear by 2 and now I figured I was set. Well I got hooked to the sled and tighten the chain. I got the green flag and eased out of the whole to the 50’ mark and the fed in to the throttle till it was tagging the 8000 rev light on the tach. ShaZam hooked to the right really hard so I had to correct for that then she hooked really hard to left and I ended up making a big S on the track using every bit of it with out going out of bounds. When I came to a stop at the end of the track I was sitting at 241.09’ next up was Steve Swanson and he had a pull of 226.04’ but he’s got to get better tires for this class. Jack Peters was up next and Jack and I have been this 1-1 close allot this season Jack pulled the sled to 240.02’ Next was My Drinking Buddy Craig Emmes and he drove his truck just like he had stole it from Bruce but only got a pull of 238.04’ Last Truck of the night was Randell Kleikamp and Randell is still learning what his truck has but he laid down a pull of 238.08’. You’ll have to admit this is one tough class of trucks to run with, other the Bruce who’s got a horseshoe stuck in his ass that makes him come out on top most of the time. The spread between 3rd and 9th is only 4.97’. So after getting all loaded up we stopped by the gas station next to the cop shop and had a few beers to replay the pulls in our minds and tell old jokes. We finally headed home at 2:30 A.m. to get ready for the next days 4th of July pull @ Wausaukee WI.


Dan and ShaZam