I had a 4 pull weekend..

July 31 2006 at 7:18 PM

Grays Lake IL
Well this weekend started out on Friday Night in Grayslake IL. Where we pulled Super Stock that night. We had some issues on the drive down and we had to call to too let them know we where running late. So someone there pulled our numbers for us.. Bruce W. with Bad to the Bone was listed 7th out of 15 trucks and I got the last place on the list.. Bruce had pulled here before and said once the sun goes down the track pretty much stays the same.. The first few trucks Pulled it to the 300 too 310 footmark and we where having a floating finish this night seeing they had the room on the track.

Well out of the 15 trucks there's 2 Dodges 10 Chevy's and 3 Fords.. When the firsts Ford Pulled ( Ackey Breaky )He was 2nd puller he pulled it too the 310 foot mark which put him in 1st place. Then a few other trucks pulled never bettering that and then came Bruce with Bad to the Bone, he hooked to the track at the 100' mark and never looked back pulling it to the 336.5' mark...
Seven more trucks pulled but nobody got better then Bruce. And then it was ShaZam's turn to hook to the sled. I hook to the sled took up the slack and waited for the green flag.
When I left the line ShaZam never spun a tire just got up and went, the tach went from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7500 and stayed there as we went down the track. When the last stage dropped and ShaZam came to a stop I knew I was close to Bruce W. Then the Announcer Told the Crowed we have Fords in the Top 3 spots with ShaZam at 340.6’. Boy that me feel really good...But then the record girls said it was miss announced and I only had 330.6’.. But I was still in 2nd place . So that was Friday night ... Bad to the bone 1st, ShaZam 2nd and Ackey Breaky 3rd...

Now Saturday we stuck around for the P.I.'s Modified Truck
Class. We Switch to the bar tires and waited for the pull to come around. It was 98 too 100 Dregs down there As you walked around you did nothing but sweat.. But as the sun started to go down it got a little better only 88 Dregs at pull time. Well today it was just the opposite I was 7th puller and Bruce was the 9th puller with 10 trucks there.

At 5:00 the track crew started to dig up the track and water it some and then packed it back down.. and at 7:00 the pull started. With the first truck pulling it too the 282' mark.. the track was totally different then it was last night.... it had a couple of woopy doo's in the middle it seem .. but turned out it was just the trucks that made it look that way with the rear ends bouncing from there tires loading and unloading.. Well when it was ShaZam's turn I hooked up and took the sled for another ride.. It pretty much felt like I was hooked to the track and I had a good head of steam going into the 280 mark but then ShaZam dropped 700 Rpm's and the last stage hit at the same time and it was all over at 288.5. The flag guy told me I had alot of water coming out the front of the truck, so I shut it down and waited for them to unhook me, my water temp was only 180 .. Then fired ShaZam back up and drove it back to the trailer but on the way the water temp went to 220 as I got back there.. Well I popped the hood and for some reason the top radiator hose came off and I had lost all the anti-freeze.. So I let it cool down for and hour and added some water to it and everything seemed fine.. But just before I pulled I checked the radiator and it was down a little so I added more water too the system... Must have been too much and with the expansion of the water it blew the hose off?? Well I made it back to watch Bruce pull and he took it to the 298' mark and was in 2nd place and when the pull was over, Bruce was 2nd and ShaZam was 7th
not a bad nights work .. Now get everything loaded up and ready for the trip too West Bend WI where they where having the Modified and Super Stock Classes run there.

West Bend WI
They Told us at the drivers meeting that they'd Run Modified first then Super so we wouldn't have to switch tires until after the Mod class run.. Which was nice of them...
Well last spring when I was there and I ran a 700 gear and I was up on my rev limiter right from the get go.

But today it rained all morning there and the track had about 5" of goo on top and it was wet really wet under all that.. So they scraped it off and disked it up packed it back in and scraped it again... For mod I had the 600 gear in and I only turned 7200 with a blip of 7500 for and instance.. I finished in 11th and Bruce ended up 7th out of 15 trucks there.. So not bad Wish I had made 10th and got a check but oh well.. Onto Super Stock
So I changed too a 700 Gear.. Funny same one I had in there this spring, and made my way to the scale.

I was 10th puller out of 21 trucks there and Bruce was 17th puller.. As the class started the track was a little dry and then they started to mist it with the groomers it seem to get better but they where only running the wobble wheel down to the 200' mark and they'd turning around there and heading back, so it was loose at the line and packed at the 200' mark.. As I watched the truck go they'd all hook at the 200, 210' mark..

So now the head games start.. If I gear up and can get the tires spinning then hook on the fly at the 200' mark I should walk this baby out the end ... And then if I do gear up and it stumbles and I can't get the tires to spin then I'm done ... So I stood pat with my 700 Gear. So As I was hooking to the sled the top truck was At 317.2' So I hooked to the sled and took a bead on that little flag they had on the end of the track that showed 1st place.. I put it in gear and left the line and it was just like Friday night @ Grayslake 2,3,4,5,6,7,7200 and held there to the end 315.9' mark ... Cool 2nd place.. ShaZam did good.... But there was still 11 Truck to go.. So you take a stand at the sidelines and Watch.... Well the next 6 trucks Didn't get any closer the closes one was at 311.7' Then came Bad to the Bone.. He hooked up and took his turn at giving the sled a ride and ended at 315.6' yes you seen it here first ... ShaZam got Bad to the bone by .3' Cool beans... So we had 4 trucks left too pull I'm in 2nd Bruce is 3rd..
Then comes After Shock He Stumbles bad off the line and saves it by stopping before the 50' mark to get pulled back and tried it again.. This time He brought the R's way up there and left the line hot really hot and his tires hooked at the 180' mark and he yanked it to the 316.9'.. Next came Midnight Cheater and his truck pulled it too 316.5'... So now I'm sitting in 4th spot.. Last truck too pull went to the 311.0' mark So that's where I finished for the day 4th place and Bruce was 5th..
So the end tally is ShaZam got a 2nd, 7th, 11th and a 4th for the weekend.
And Bad to the bone got a 1st, 2nd, 7th and 5th
As it stands right now Bruce is in 1st place points in P.I. Super Stock And I'm tied in 3rd...
Well have to giver hard to get better...