Only A 3 pull weekend last week...

August 8 2006 at 9:55 AM

Well The Pulling Season is winding down here Last weekend was my last 3 or more pull weekend.. Now I only have 2 this weekend and two next weekend then it gets down to just one a weekend until the 16th of Sept.
I might start going thru withdraws early this year..

But anyway last weekend I did pretty good.. In Green Lake WI I finished 9th out of 22 Trucks So that makes me feel pretty good.. And then We drove to Arlington WI for the pulls there on Friday and Saturday..
On Friday it was pretty much the same boys now with the P.I. Club. We have had a few trucks Drop out due to Engine failures..
But surprisingly there's still 18 to 20 trucks at each pull yet.. I think the most we had was at Green Lake WI this year with 22 Trucks all together But that was two clubs there P.I. and Badger land..

But anyways.. Friday night I was the 11th truck too pull and when it was all said and done I left the track in 3rd place with 10 trucks left to pull.. When the last truck pulled I finished up in 6th place for the evening.. Another good night I think.. As long as I finish in the top ten Then I'm doing good...

Now for Saturdays pull.... You won't believe the day I had ... Well we got up around 9:00 a.m. had some breakfast and took a little drive around the area site seeing.. We ended back at the track at about noon.. And the pull didn't start till 7:00 P.M. So I did some maintance on ShaZam Check the Valve lash and spring seat pressures to kill some time.. And then I redid some wiring that I had on the Alt. to try to make it into a one wire self-energizing one... Only problem I didn’t see was that my alt. had an external voltage regulator. And when you put power to the field wire it puts out a bunch of voltage.
I had my Batteries boiling in just a few sec. And when I put the meter on it, it read 19 volts. Oppsss undid that and then I figured it out, I had to put power to the wire that turns on the voltage regulator.. OK got that to work good now, so all I have to do is start my little pony motor and then turn on the main disconnect on and it starts to charge the batteries back up @ 14 volts. OK where good to go…. It’s only 4:00 p.m. that’s ok time for a little nap. Well the time just fly’s by when you shut your eyes for a while.. Before I knew it the track crew was there and the scale was all ready too go.. So I figured to get ShaZam on the scale to see how things weight up for the day .. I jumped in and hit the start button and nothing.. ShaZam would spin over but won’t fire up.. What the heck.
Pulled the coil wire and put a spark plug in it too see if I had spark.. Nothing….
Well it took me about 2 sec. To figure out what I did … I fried my MSD box with the 19 volts the alt. put out for that short time .
So Now I’m out in the pits trying to see if anyone had a spare MSD box I could buy barrow or steal… nobody had one.
Then they had the drives meeting.. Hoped maybe I could ask the guys there … But they listed the line up for the nights pull as Mod 4x4 , Super Farm Tractors, 14,000 Farm tractors and then two wheel drives .. A few of the Mod Trucks where a little pivved with having to run first so they took a vote on it and got the line up changed so Mod 4x4 was last too run .. Great that makes it easier on me to get my truck fixed I could have never got it fixed with the mod class first ..
So one last asking for help and one of the Foolish Farmers Wrenches said he thought he might have one in his shop that was only 15 min. away … So off he went to return with a Brand New Digital MSD 6 Box Still in it’s wrapper…
Took about 15 min. to hook it up and ShaZam fired right up.

Cool Beans I’ll get to run tonight against 11 real 650 CID Alcohol injected Mod trucks and 5 Super Stock trucks with bar tires and only 530 CID. My number tonight was 11 so I got to watch almost all of them pull before me.. When it was my turn to pull the first place truck was at 295.25’ When ShaZam stopped after the last stage dropped I was at 280.2’. I drove ShaZam back to the trailer knowing I did my best.. But when it was all over with ShaZam was in 12th place out of 16 trucks. Well as I told my Dad.. I didn’t finish last.. So even thou I didn’t get a pay check it was still fun to try to put a whopping them boys..

This weekend I have a Pull on Thursday night in Belvidere IL and then one on Saturday here at Home …So the pulls are counting down with only 10 pulls left for the season..

So guys only a few more short stories for yall to read ..