Well I got into Green Lake WI @ 4 p.m. with the pull starting at 7 p.m. I was the Second rig there in the parking lot so I pulled next to Locked and Loaded and set up camp.  As I unloaded ShaZam I noticed the clutch wasn't kicking in until 3500 so I had to make an adjustment to bring it down to 2500 where I like it. Usually, I do my maintains work on ShaZam at home in the shop but somehow this week I missed the clutch. So I guess when Someone see me working on ShaZam they think there's something wrong, They have to check it out. Cuz I had a whole bunch of guys stopping by to see what the hell was going on. After I adjusted the clutch I was good to go. Got everything button up and went and registered for the pull, I shook a 16 on the dice and ended up being the 11th hook out of 14 trucks here tonight. Simple math P.I. pays out 10 places so theirs 4 trucks going home without a paycheck.

Ok P.I. Super Stock trucks followed the 2.5 Diesel Trucks tonight so I headed into the grandstands to watch the 4 classes ahead of us to get a read on the track the best I could from the stands.

So when the 2.5 diesel class came up I headed to get ShaZam into staging and over the scale, I heard the scale was reading 200 light tonight so I made an adjustment with the weights before I left the trailer and headed to the scale. As I got ShaZam on the scale I was still 60 pounds light but My weights were like a 1/4 mile away so I left as it was.

So when it was ShaZam turn to pull I was looking at the lead truck Randell Potratz sitting at 327' 9" Everyone was Running the right side of the track So I got hooked up the Gary's Sled and Pulled the chain tight Made my line for the far right corner of the track and brought the r's up to 6000 and easied ShaZam out of the hole and Gave her a mite full of throttle at the 50' make and drove it like I stoled it. And when the last stage hit I tried a Bruce Wagner Throttle lift, but it didn't work for me, I stopped died in my tracks, and then I heard some banging going on under the truck like I broke something. So I got unhooked and headed back to the trailer where I heard nothing until I pulled ShaZam onto the trailer and I heard it again like a dropped a driveshaft loop. Shut ShaZam down and crawled under her on the trailer and Everything was where it belonged and tight. So we'll have to check it out when we get home. Finished 7th out of 14 so we did good. I've come to realize that this motor isn't a 1st place Motor. It gets me out to play with the guys on the weekend and I'll fall where I land in the standings. 

Ok after everyone leaves I get the rig situated for the night next to the pole with power and plug the trailer in and shut the generator off. As I fall asleep everything was nice and peaceful until 4:30 a.m. and then it started to rain. it always makes me wonder how bad it is outside when you feel this 20,000 Pound trailer with the rigging down start to move around in the wind.

So Ok when wrap things up and hit the road @ 6:30 a.m. I plotted out a family restaurant just two blocks over and one down from the fairgrounds but when I headed over there I had no place to park my 45' rig so I headed back to the highway and stopped in Appleton at a Perkins.

With the food machine full It was head over to 141 Speedway for the pull that was happening tonight. I'll take some time to check out ShaZam once I get into the parking area there. Well as I get there the skies opened up and it began to rain again, So I'm surfing the net when one of the track guys came knocking and told me the pulls been canceled.  So I headed home and pulled into the yard at 2 ish. Still raining, So next pull is P.I. Super Stock at Newton Friday Night. So see ya there 

Dan and ShaZam