Green Valley WI. Pull

May 29 2009

OK we had a great afternoon and evening pull in Green Valley Saturday. We had Jimmy Luedtke’s Famous 007 Sled there. This sled has Two different faces depending on how Jimmy loads the weight on the sled. Today he was letting us Run with it seeing we had a track that was 375’ long. Jimmy was able to let us run but still kept us under the 300’ foot mark all day.

 Now if you remember I pulled against 007 at Mackville last year and I ran a 850 gear and turned 68 to 7200 Rpm’s the log said a 650 gear would have been a better choice.

So for Super Stock I put the 650 gear in and got I line to the scale. I was 2nd puller in the class with Bruce Wagner being the 1st puller. Well Bruce had Jimmy pull the sled all the way to the left seeing the Privacy fence was casting a shadow on the track. Well as it turned out for Bruce it wasn’t pretty and he turned the first pull down to come back at the end of the class. Now earlier in the day I was playing Flagman for the stock class so I could get a feel for the track. All the stock classes and Open stock for the most part the first couple of trucks where the ones that would end up winning the class due to the track seem to go away during the classes. So when Bruce turned down his pull Jimmy decided to reset the sled and that made me the first puller in the class. Cool beans. Now providing I don’t mess up in a big way I should end up pretty good in the class I thought to myself.

Well as it turned out I had Jimmy put the sled back in the middle of the track, Seeing that’s where they where running for most of the classes and that’s where the moister was.

 I got all lined up and tightened up the chain, got the Green flag and eased it out of the hole and kept feeding the throttle to ShaZam as we hit the 100 mark thing where going good ShaZam was at 5000 Rpm’s and hooking pretty good, then I gave it some more and that’s where my motor decide to go places it hasn’t seen for a while. 8000 then 8200 and even one brief instance of 8800 and we where tooling along at about 30 Mph when Jimmy put the last stage down on me and I broke the tires loose and stopped at 278.68’. It’s amazing how much shit can happen in 178’. But as I left the track I was in 1st place, I felt it was a good run and now I’ll just have to sit and watch how it holds up, So back to the trailer I go. And I hoofed it back to the track to watch the rest of the class run. Well as it turned out the 3rd truck to pull after me put 5.5’on my pull and moved me to 2ndplace, Now the next truck up was my buddy Dean Wagner and you all know about our bet of who beats who more thru out the season. Well Dean had a good run and pulled it to 278.06’ it was good but not good enough to beat my 278.68’ the .62’ is an ass whooping in my book, as Dean would say.  Then the next truck of Donny Skinkis moved me down to 3rd by another 1.64’ I pretty much stayed there till the last two trucks ran, Where Jack Peters got past me and then Bruce Wagner came back at the end of the class to win it all with a 296.90’ pass.  So I placed 5th out of 11 trucks in Super Stock.

So off we all went to change tires for Modified class where I was the last truck in the class to pull, Just where I like to be, I can watch and see what’s going on and I know where I have to be at the end off the track. Well I left the 650 gear in the box thinking I’d loose about 1000 Rpm’s with the tire change. Well as it turned out Modified class wasn’t to be for me today. In all the hoopla of the days events I forgot to check my tire pressures in those big old dirt digging tires and as I went down the track the back of my truck started to surge and I knew I had a low tire back there. Sure enough I was stopped at 277.22’ and finished 7th for the day out of 9 trucks. When I got back to the trailer I check the tire and it had 8.5 # of air in it where I usually run 28 #, So here’s my sign Stupid.

And Dean did beat me in Mod. So where tied up still at 3 apiece .

OK this weekend we have a two day pull with pulls in Branch WI on Friday Night and Borth WI on Saturday night, so hope to see some of you’s there. If not the write up will be posted soon as I get home from the pulls.

Dan and ShaZam