So OK Woke up at 6:00 a.m. At Jim's Falls And figured it was time to head to Harrisville WI after my 5-hour nap. Made it there by 10:30 a.m. after stopping for something to eat and some fuel. This time I didn’t listen to nobody about what this track was like. I took a walk and check it out and then made my gear choice from past tracks. I throw a 900 in the box and waited for the Super Stock Class to be called to staging.
After the first truck ran he got 335’ and he turned it down, and Gary said he was leaving the sled the way it was. So I lucked out and was the 12th truck to run so I got to watch a few trucks run down the track. but after the 3rd truck I knew I had to put a bigger gear in the box if Gary was going to let us run like that, So out came the 900 and I went up a couple and sealed it up.
As I watched I seen the other drivers where hugging the right side of the track and when I hooked to the sled my line went that way. But as things happen as I left the line ShaZam was heading to the left some and I couldn’t seem to get it straight, but I was heading down the track at 7800 just where it should be and then all of a sudden the r’s Zinged up to 8500 I thought I must have broke and axle or something but then the r’s came back down to 7800 and then I spun out just another 20 feet down the track.
I asked the flag guy if all my wheels where still spinning at the end and he said he thought the where. As I got unhooked I looked back and I seen 4 ruts so I didn’t break anything. As I put ShaZam back by the trailer and came to watch the other trucks, One guy said I veered to far to the left and I had found a little slop hole in the track that why the r’s came up.

So I finished in the top ten but out of the money there. So I loaded up and headed home after leaving here at 4:00 Friday afternoon got back at 6:30 Sunday night.

Only 3 more weekends of single pulls left then I’ll go into my Blue Funk for a few weeks and then start to think of what improvements I’m going to make over the winter.

If anything I did get a few cocky Ideas about hitch design from some of those trucks from Minnesota.