Iron River, Mackville Pull

June 23 2008 at 10:45 AM

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Iron River Pull

For the most part Iron River for ShaZam and Myself Sucked.. NO if and or but It plan old sucked ……

Couldn’t get any traction at all in either class and then when I got just a little traction in Mod I turned the pull down hoping the track would be better at the end. But it wasn’t there .. So I finished 6th in Super stock and 5th in Mod out of 7 trucks there. We’ll be back up there in Aug. and hopefully I’ll be better at that Pull.

So on the way Home from Iron River Craig got a call from the boys down at Mackville and got the finishing order of the night there, Bam Bam was 1st, Midnight Cheater was 2nd and Cory was 3rd . I didn’t know they also had a pull there on Saturday Night until Craig told me about it. So it got me thinking about Skipping Golf taking a little road trip and pay the one time hook fee and play with the boys down there on Sat. Night. In the Lucas Oil Pro Pullers League. I think it might even been taped for TV.

So after making a few calls to see if they’d let me play with them I loaded up ShaZam and headed South to Mackville WI.

Now I was told to get there by 4:00 to get thru tech and have my motor pumped to run there. As it turned out I pass tech with flying colors, No problems

So we get all register paid the $50.00 to play with them and my number was 467, which made me the 17th truck to pull out of a 19-truck field. Well Hope the track stays good.

So here I am its 4:30 p.m. and the pull doesn’t starting until 7:00 p.m. and I’m all register and ready to go. So we walk around and shoot the bull with the boys there, and talk about how last night went and so on. Got 15 different suggestions on what I should do for the night. But funny thing is I already had my gear picked for the night and I stood by my pick. Guys sometimes try to lead you down the wrong path to better them selves. So I tend to not listen to them too much. I have my logbook and will make notes as to what happened so If I happen to pull with these boys again next year I’ll have my notes.  

So at 7:00 p.m. sharp they played the national anthem and got the show on the road just like clock work. I finally walked up to the stating area to see what the track was like and I couldn’t believe the people in the stands. There had to be a good 10,000 spectators packing the stands that where lined down both sides of the tracks.

So anyway I stood around the starting line to watch the first 14 trucks run. Tory was the first truck to hook and he pulled it 305.49’. Seeing last night they where only pulling into the 297’s he kept the hook and went and loaded his truck up on the trailer.

Well as the list of pullers got shorter Midnight Cheater was the 5th truck to pull and Roy let his boy run the truck to night. Needless to say Mike can run the truck just like Roy does. Mike brought the motor up to 7500 rpm’s Side step the clutch and he was off to the races and lied down a perfect 312.44’ run and was in 1st place, until Jeff Rivers who was the 9th puller of the class got lined up and pulled a 322.23’. At that point they announced that a full pull tonight would be 315’. I always hate it then they pull that out of their hat mid way thru the pull, so as the line of truck started to move forward I went and got ShaZam and move her up in line. I pulled right behind Chucky Champagne in the line up and all this time I never even thought about the gear I picked for tonight. I had a drop down gear in the cab but I never thought it was necessary. Chucky had made the comment he thought he was geared to high for the night, and once again I just blew it off as Pullers nervous energy. There where 3 other trucks that made it into the pull off before I got my chance at the sled. And I had figured that a winning pull for the night would be a 325.xx’ pull before they put the 315’ pull off into the mix. The best pull of the night was Ross Davis’s Boy put down a 322.24’ pass.

 So it was finally my turn to hook to the sled and as I got everything set to go, I got the green flag from both flag men and I put ShaZam into 3rd and started to feed her some throttle. We started to move easy enough but when I put the hammer down the tach read 3500…4000…I hit the point of no return it was at 5000…6000…here’s where I should be turning 8000 now and making the mid track run but instead it was 6500… 7000 … 7300… then headed back down till I spun out at the end of the track. So I missed my gearing by a few thousand R’s but it’s just one of those learning things, the tires where hooked to the track right out of the box. ShaZam still put down a 312.77’ pull which is respectable and a 9th place finish out of 19 of Wisconsin’s toughest trucks So we made a note in the logbook for next year if I happen to make the trip down to play again and headed home.

 Replaying the run in my head and kicking myself in the butt for not dropping down to the other gear, but it’s all a learning thing. If I had picked the right gear the first time I’d never know what ShaZam is really capable of.

OK next week is an off weekend, I promised the Wife we could go anywhere she wanted.

Seeing the only pull around here is on the other side of the state by the Minnesota boarder. So my next write up is in two weeks from the Pound WI pull.


Dan and ShaZam