Iron River and Suring Truck Pull

June 18 2006 at 11:41 AM

Well I got my 950 gears today ... I'll be using them on Saturdays pull at Suring..
Friday night I'll be pulling in Iron River MI .. they have a Clay sand mix that they use to have there Rodeo's on ...that they plow a track into .. so I'll be running my 1200 Gear there ... last year I ran my 1000 gear and finished 6th .. hoping to do better this year ....

Well keep you all posted ..

So far this motor that Lem and Charlie Sold me the parts for .. Rocks


OK I put the 1200 Gear in For Iron River turned 8400 Rpm's in Super Stock and Finished in 4th place .. left the 1200 gear in there for Mod and turned 8200 and finished 3rd place ... So I did better then I did last years and learned lots about gearing.

Suring I was going to put my 950 gear in but after looking at the track I changed too a 800 instead.. the crew there really did a good job with the track ...And it was taking a lot of horsepower to make it out the end.
In Super Stock I turned 7800 Rpm's and took 1st place. and only changed tires for Mod.
I rolled ShaZam out to about the 50' mark and really took my time with the go fast peddle and ShaZam really hooked to the track in that class, I broke the ring and pinion at the very end of the track Turning 7200 Rpm's.
Had I not broke the ring and pinion I may have gotten another foot.
I was tied for 2nd place but seeing I broke I ended up with 3rd.