This weekends Pulls for ShaZam

June 17 2007 at 11:21 AM

This weekends pulls …

First I have my back-up motor in ShaZam this weekend, due to the dropped valve I had last week at Bear Creek.

Iron River MI

We Pulled at Iron river Michigan on Friday Night. The pull is held in their rodeo arena that has sandy clay, It’s not a bad track if they keep it wet, really wet. And they worked it up for us really nice. It’s the best track we had up there in years. Their track is only 200’ long to the first gate, and then it switches to clay gravel mix to the second gate at 350’. I was the first puller in Super Stock.
When I hooked to the sled and started off the sled seem to move pretty easy and when the dust settled I was sitting at 330’2” I felt pretty good about the pull and left it stand at that. Next two truck where a few truck length behind. And then My Buddy Dean hooks to the sled and yanked it to the 349’9” mark, the last truck up in the class pulled it to with in 4”of Dean which moved me back to 3rd for the night in Super..
In Modified class they tightened the sled up some and we only ran to the 285’ mark with ShaZam pulling 252’5” and ended the night in 4th.

Branch WI

I made it to Branch by 11:30 A.M. right on time in my book, Pull starts at 2:00. Had a few issues I had to deal with before the days pulling started, so I took care of them the best I could as I was waiting.
Up at Iron river the my motor kicked back a few times on my starter and took out two teeth on the flex plate and I now had a bad spot that made the starter kick out on, So I’d have to help turn the motor over with a big old ratchet and 15/16” socket that little bit to get to good teeth again on the flex plate. This is really the only time my Automatic Tranny Sucks….

5500 Lite Super Stock Class

I was the 3rd puller in the lite Class and they watered down the track some using a fire hose off the fire truck. I went down and asked the tractor driver to scape it some after they watered it hoping to get the gooey slim off the top but for the most it just filled the grooves up with it. First Truck went about 200’ and he turned his pull down and came back last. Next truck up was Jack Peters and he eased it off the line and when he stab it he pulled it to the 290’ mark. Got ShaZam fired up and pulled it on the track line her up with the sled and got hooked up. Figured to try taking it easy and get the tires to hook right away then just walk this puppy out the end like ShaZam has done so many times before with the STPA’s sled.
Well it didn’t happen the way I thought it would,

I Eased it out too the 100’ mark and when I hit the go fast peddle the tires just erupted and I started to slow down in speed and I knew deep down to stick a fork in me I was done. ShaZam pulled 245’ and finished 7th in the class.

So time to put the weight back on ShaZam and get her ready for the 6250 Super Stock Class. I lucked out and was the 7th puller in the class this time, And as I came off the line this time when I put the hammer down I could feel ShaZam dig in and we where gaining speed. At the 200’ mark I could see the ruts from the last truck that pulled, and as the weight of the sled was slowing me down I was doing the two-line intersection thing in my mine. And I gave it every last bit ShaZam had to try to get in front of those front tire marks. The flagman told me I can’t tell if you beat him or not but your right there.
Well the measurement was 300’6” 2nd place for ShaZam and Junkyard Dog had 301’ 1st place

So for the most part I had a good weekend of pulling with the back-up motor, I figure I’ll have to leave this motor in for next weekends pulls Due to it’s another sandy type clay track, But we’ll have the good motor back in after that week. “Hopefully.”