So Saturday Morning I fueled up and met Cory in Gillett at noon to head over to Jim Falls WI for a pull there. Now I heard from to many people that have been there before that it was a real bitting track and to drop 2 gears from what you usually run there cuz the Sled there pulls like a slug. So once we got there we took a walk to check out the track and it look really good a bit tight but good. The Sled there was the Red and Black Iron Horse and I never pulled against it, So I just listen to what everyone said and I drop to a 600 gear seeing I didn’t have a 650 gear in the box. But the one thing I did that I was glad I did was I pulled out my 8000 chip out and put a 8800 chip in its place. I figured if the gear was to small I could at least spin the motor higher to make up for it being smaller.

So they worked the track over and we had a drivers meeting and from there it was a real cluster, they had the scale in the pits area and they only let 3 trucks in the pulling area at a time so not to block the view of the pulls from the crowd. But they had one truck ready to go in as one left and one the scale. So I couldn’t get a real good read on the track seeing I was the 7th truck to pull. So as the line progressed the truck just in front of my broke a front axle as he was turning into the pulling area so that made me the 6th truck. So I got to watch one truck go down the track as I was heading down to the staging area, then once in staging you where behind the sled so you couldn’t see anything from there, so I figured I’ll just pick what looks like a good line and run the heck out of ShaZam.
Well as I hooked to the sled I got all set and I got the green flag, I rolled ShaZam out about 2 feet before I matted the gas to the floor and the Tach went from 3000 to 7500 then 8000 and in the mid track run I hit 8300 and then I felt the last stage hit me and the R’s dropped to 7500 and then I spun out at 8500, ended up with 309.11 but the first place truck was sitting at 345.02.
So I put my tail between my legs and Head back to the pits, where my night got even worst. There was a real cluster Fu*k in the parking back there and there was a truck in my way to get a straight shot onto my trailer and to top it all off someone moved one of my ramps for some reason and I didn’t see it until I drove off the ramp trying to get on the trailer. Smash and I heard all kinds of noises as I tried to back up as I bent all my brackets that hold the alternator on the front of the truck, and then one of the guys there started hollering to stop stop but it was to late and my other tire fell off the ramp as I was backing up and tore the power steering pump reservoir off the pump and I lost my steering. So now I had to get a few guys together to slide the rearend over to get everything lined up to try and get it loaded. After a few Sons a Bitc* es and mother fu*ker we had it loaded and chained down. And then I seen I forgot to extend my weight box for the pulls so there’s was about 20’ I didn’t get from it being pulled in. I went back to watch the other trucks run of which there was 25 Super Stock trucks there. The top 5 truck then came back at the end of the mod class for a $500 winner takes all pull off. Of which Cory made it into with a 5th place finish in the class. So by the time the pulls where over I had about a 8 pack in me and we went and had a little celebration at the trailer afterwards for Cory making the top 5 and then finished 4th out of that. Seeing how I was sleeping there in the Ramada Super duty I let it rip a little.

Sunday where heading to Harrisville WI.