This weekend pulls

September 11 2006 at 9:45 PM

Weekend of Sept.8-9

Well Friday night had a Pull in Lena WI with the WUMPA club I pulled the 1st puller in Super Stock Which was cool cuz we use the 1st puller re pull rule in our club and 3rd in Mod.
Well we had rain on and off during the afternoon and a few light showers during the pull but it made for a real grippy track. As the sled operator added another 2000# to his sled and moved 2000# from the back of the box to the front, I talked to him saying the I knew the track was going to get better with each truck so should I turn down my first pull and come back at the end.
He told me If I was to get 297’ I’d better keep the pull Cuz he don’t let many out the end.
Well I hooked to the sled tightened up the slack got the green flag and eased it out the hole like I have done for most of the season. ShaZam did me proud, Stood hard on the go fast peddle at the 100’ mark zoomed up to 7800 Rpm’s and held there till she stopped moving at the 314.56’ mark. I asked if he was leaving the sled set this way, and I got the thumbs up so I kept my pull thinking I had a hook from Hell.
Well as I was walking back to the track after parking ShaZam on the trailer where I change to the Mod tires the next truck pulled it to 325.2.. There we go messed that one up just like I thought each truck was going to get better. Well not everyone did better then me I finished 5th for the night out of 9 trucks.
Well Mod class went a little better for me with being the 3rd puller the sled was set before I got to the line. And in this class he was dead nuts on, only one truck made it to the 300’ mark. I left the same gear in that I used in Super Stock because the r’s where in ShaZam sweet spot and When I stood on it at the 100’ mark ShaZam Spun up to 7500 Rpm’s and held there the whole run ShaZam stopped at the 288.39’ good enough for a 3rd place finish.

OK Saturday Morning this was going to be my busy day for pulling. I had a pull in Kewaunee WI at noon with the P.I. club then a Pull in Lena WI with the NEW Club at 3:00 and then possible Scoot back to Kewaunee for a second pull later that night.
Well I was the 11th truck out of 20 to pull at Kewaunee Hooked up pulled up the slack and off to the races we go. Ran ShaZam down the track like a mad man and stopped at the 311.15’ mark. Good enough for a 6th place finish for the day here. Now load up and head off the Lena Which was 1 hour and 15 minutes away. Well on the ride back to Lena my main Grunt truck started acting up, Seemed like it had no go.. Couldn’t keep it at 75 in OD at all.. Well I limped it back to Lena and when I got on the off ramp when I tried to leave the Stop Sign I could smell Tranny fluid and the truck didn’t want to go, So I took a peek under the truck and I had a big puddle where I stopped and fluid was dripping off the drivers side of the tranny. Well I tried it one more time and I got the truck to move some and I really limped it to the track, which was only 1 mile away. When I got there I checked the fluid and it was still at the top of the full mark, so I guess I just over heated it on the ride there.
Well my day wasn’t looking good but I made it there, I was the 2nd puller in Super Stock today and 3rd in Mod again.

Well did my pre pull checklist and got ShaZam ready for the day there. Filled the tanks with fuel, moved the weight bar out adjusted the hitch, checked tire pressures everything was ready for the pull.
As I was driving ShaZam to the scale something didn’t seem right, She stumbled twice just going to the scale but kept running. Made it over the scale and in line to pull and when my turn came up I hooked to the sled tightened up the slack and waited for the green flag, I rolled it off the line and at the 100’ mark like I did the night before I stood on it hard, ShaZam went to 8200 and took off like a ¼ drag car in the final race of the day. And then Shut down to nothing, And the Sled was catching up with me really fast I was able to keep from getting hit, But I was dumb founded as to what happened, I seemed to have run out of fuel. But I filled the tank? What the heck Well Idled it back to the trailer and check the fuel pump connection and everything looked good there, Check the ground it was tight, turned on the fuel pump and it sounded like it always does, But my Float bowl levels looked low so I moved them up some but not enough to have it run out like it did. I have a fuel pressure gauge on my Carb. But I can’t see it when I’m running down the track. Winter project get Fuel pressure gauges in Cab next to oil pressure gauges. So changed to the Mod tires and got back in line for Mod. This time ShaZam seemed OK.
Well I hooked to the sled and went thru my routine tighten the slack and took off when I got the green flag. Well this time I made it 20’ further then I did In Super Stock before it ran out of fuel, then I played tag with the sled again, and made it out unscaved. Engine would quit but never shut down completely. So I took it to the trailer for the day and kissed my points lead away in this club. Finished last in both classes for the day and I’m now in 2nd place in point in Super and 3rd in points in Mod. I might be able to pull this out this next weekend but it’s going to be tight.

Well got ShaZam in the shop and took the fuel system out of her and went through the whole thing. Seems the 40-micron screen in the pump inlets got plugged with some goo that found it’s way into the system. All cleaned up and ready to go for this weekend. Did a test and in 20 sec. the pump will put out 1.5 Gal’s of fuel. So where good to go.

Dan Homa and ShaZam

Only 2 more pulls left to this season.