Kewaunee WI
Took care of registration and logging the distances on the computer, Until my Class came up then I asked Jodi to fill in for me until I got back, I was second puller in the class , Derek Was first puller . he pulled 349.07 . I got ShaZam hooked up and set all my recording devices, I know have GPS on my main Phone for distance, and I have GPS Speedo on one of my old phones, So with those set I pull the chain tight, Bring up my R's and start to leave the line at 4300 Rpm's ShaZam wasn't happy and started to lunge but I stayed in the throttle and rode it out all the way down the track. ShaZam stopped at 332.48 and 21.5 Mph. On my stuff I had 330 and 22 mph. so it's pretty close. So I took ShaZam back to the trailer and headed back to the announcer's stand to finish out the night. There was 9 trucks in Super Stock and I finished 7th for the night. Well as the last Semi pulled it was now 1:00 a.m. I headed over to get ShaZam loaded and chained down, Wrote out the nights checks and it was 2:30 when I hit the pillow. 

The Sun started to peek in my Camper windows at 7:30 so I headed to Denmark for breakfast.
Maribel @ 2:30 today


Later Dan and ShaZam