Well the pull at Manitowoc Was very Good to me.
This was the First pull In the SPA Clubs Schedule. And with this being the first time the Lakeshore 4X4 Club had a pull they asked if I could bring some of the Bigger Trucks from the WUMPA Club Down with me when I Came.
So seeing how our Big Block Super Stock Truck wouldn't fit into Shoto's Rules we had to have two WUMPA Classes at the pulls also. So that ment I had 4 Classes I could Play in Sunday.......

So Signed up in 5500 Super Stock and 6250 Super Stock for Shoto Club.
And 6200 Super Stock and 6200 Modified for WUMPA.
I took
1st in 5500 Shoto
1st in 6250 Shoto
6th in 6200 WUMPA
2nd in Mod. WUMPA

Few Details From the Pulls at Manitowoc.

The Sled weighed 18000 Pounds , Skid pad is 8 ft. wide and 12 Ft. long flat bottom .
I ran my tire pressures for this sled 8 pounds Front and 30.5 pounds in the Backs. The track was a little wet at the beginning of the pulls, So much that the Stock Trucks couldn't move it off the line, So they move up to 5500 Super Stock Class Hoping they could rip up the starting line and help dry it out. Well I was first Puller in 5500 and even I couldn't get it off the line. So they let the pull back tractor pull it back and forth a few times and let me try it again,Came off the line slow but got it moving and then once I hit the drier part of the Track I lied it down and took it too the 265.6 Mark...But knowing the track was going to get better I turn it down to come back at the end of the field. Well the next 3 trucks could barely get it moving and they never made it to the drier part of the track to hook up so the Eliminator Crew decided to reset the sled and Start the class over. Well So much for my strategy but I'm still 4th from the end in this class.Well I Hooked up and Left the line just like I always do and pulled it to the end of the track , the 2nd place truck was 50 ft. behind me with 3 truck to go but nobody improved on my mark.
Well the next class was 6200 WUMPA Super Stock and the Eliminator Crew was a little worried about being able to stop the bigger trucks. Well Ed McClain was first puller and he took it out the end , So the Eliminator Crew reset the sled and let the next truck try it, He also took it out the end with out a problem so the Eliminator Crew Dropped the logging chains down under the skid pad and then the next truck pulled it 168.1 Ft. oppps a little over kill but the Eliminator Crew was going to leave it set that way. So I was 6 trucks away from pulling in this class , Pulled to the line after watching the other trucks pull between 199.5 ft to 120 ft. Well Hooked up and left the line at 4500 and slipped the clutch a little to much and the speed of the weight box caught me off guard and stopped me at 180.3 Ft. well good enough for 6th place.
Next class was 6250 Shoto Super Stock I was sitting in the 19th pulling spot...I finished in 1st. Feeling really good ....

But No time to bask in the lime light had to change to my Mod tires, I was 1st pulling in WUMPA 6200 Modified
Well left the line at 4200 and let it hook up right away and took it 248.1 Ft but figured I'd did my best and took the pull. figured anyone that could better well.

Well took 2nd place so I guess I didn't do so bad afterwards..

There's a pull in Shoto this Sat. I'll let you know how I did there.