Maribel WI

So I pull into the Maribel’s Lions Club Park at 9:30 Get parked 
 I had to tighten up my clutch a little and Check Valve lash and Valve Spring seat Pressure Checks. I got everything done and fire up ShaZam and the Clutch was engaging at 2800 Rpm’s that's better than the 4300 it took the night before.

So Took a walk around and I Got the checks to the pullers that I saw. And when the N.E.W Equipment trailer showed up I started to take the days registration, before you knew it they were calling the drivers meeting. 

We have 11 Classes today with Super Stock being the 7th class of the day.
So as the Super Stock class got lined up I was the last puller in the class puller I went over the scale and ShaZam was dead nuts on 6200 #  So they checked my Hitch and it was 2” lower than it should have been. OK Moved it back up and where all set.

First puller was Scott Kieckbusch, I was getting ShaZam Fueled up and unplugging the battery charger when he went down the track so I didn't get to see his run, But when I finally made it to the scale he was back in line, So I take it he turned his pull down. So got ShaZam on the scale and she read 6250# right where it read last night, Hitch was low so brought it up a bit and went to watch a few trucks go down the track.

Now they made some changes on the sled since Pound and I figured the lunging I got in Kewaunee was due to my rear tires being set at 28 psi. So I aired them up 40 psi today to see if this help. It's really funny some trucks get this hippity hop thing going and others are Straight right from the get go. Right now As I get ready to hook to the sled Tory Laubach is hold 1st place with 367.18' @ 27.80 mph
Derek Peetz  was in 2nd with 353.80' @ 26.00 mph. So I get all Hooked up and set my Gps's and trip my Tach, bring the r's up ans start leaving the line at 4200 and put the hammer down at the 50 foot mark and the tack headed to 8000 and stayed there the whole run when the sled stopped me, my Gps read 350 with a track speed of 23 Mph as I was leaving the track Troy's Boy Brady gave me the I'm in 3rd place as I headed back to my trailer. But when I got to the Announcer's stand they had me listed at 332.48' @ 21.5 mph. 7th place Bummer not so close today. Oh well we'll get this thing working right before the year ends.

  With the last class getting done @ 8:30 p.m. I got things ready and headed home pulling into my yard @ 10:25 p.m. Stopped in Oconto for some chicken..

Where ready for Friday Night ..In Sugar Bush.

Dan and ShaZam