Well the first two pulls of the season are behind us now .. Thought I'd share how I did with you guys ..

We had a absolutely gorgeous weekend Sunny with no clouds on Sat. and just a few clouds on Sun. late.

But with those conditions the tracks would dry out fast .

Sat. Super stock class had 16 truck in the class and I was the 2nd puller.The Sled operators where afraid they won't be able to stop us so the set up the weight box to move up very fast, So the longest pull of the day in that class was only 225.6 ft.
I pulled 206.7 Ft. And ended up in 4th place for the day.. Just out of the Money ... Bummer

Watered down track between classes But all they had for working the track was a Michigan with a bucket.
Not to great but better then nothing I guess. The water never really got down into the track and the wind and sun was sucking up fast.

( I should Have known better )

Sat. Mod Class had 8 trucks in it , And I was the first puller. Told myself if I wasn't 290 or better I'd take the repull option.
Well Hook up to the sled snugged it up And Watch for the green flag, Brought the RPM's up to 4000 and started to slip the clutch off the line, at the 75 Ft. mark put it to the floor and off we went. Pulled hard to the left steered out of that then pulled harder to the right, corrected that then back to the left then right then left again.. Pull felt really good but only 288.6 Ft. Told them I'd come back around (Dummy mistake) Thinking that the track might get better as the big tires started to dig it up, But the sun was still to high and was sucking up all the moisture out of the clay. The last GOOD hook in the class was the 3rd truck after that it was down hill from there... Some of the better Trucks in the class Fell way back. I hook up as the last truck telling myself just do the same thing as you did the first time and you'll be alright.
Well I did it all the same but it never pulled as hard as it did the first time, Ended up 5th for the day, but my first pull would have netted me 2nd.. Oh well learn from your mistakes I guess .

OK Sun. New Track More Competition.. Wabeno is the test pull for most of the BIG Truck in the area. And this year they had a pretty good purse too .. We had 650 C.I. NTPA Truck from Lower Mich. there along with allot of the P.I. Truck 530 CID Big Block. And here I sit with my little 435 C.I. Small Block Ford..

Super stock Class had 25 Trucks WOW... Nine more then yesterday, I was the 21 puller in the class .. Well Don't have to worry about where to keep it or not .. hehehe..

Well I think My truck Impressed allot of people there I finished 6th out of 25.. One out of the Money but better then 19 other ones. Lets say I'm very happy with it's results.. But First still would have been better 

Same Track prep as yesterday watered between each class
But they had a little more prep equipment A drag and a wobble wheel..
Well with the 25 Super Stock Trucks the track took a beating and they watered it pretty hard for Mod. Worked it in as good as they could but the sun was going down along with the temp. and it didn't dry up they way they planned. It was slippery to say the least.

OK Now to Modified Class. There's 13 Trucks here today. 4 of them with 1500 H.P.+ Alky Motors.then 4 with 1000 to 1200 H.p. Gas and the last 5 with 650 to 900 H.p.I'm in the last 5 trucks with Just 800 H.p.

OK they gear the eliminator up one gear. First Truck pulled 116.2 Ft. and Put it on the trailer. Officials had a meeting and decided to leave it set where it was.. (Bad Decision on there part) Next Truck and One of Our best truck ( And Club Pres.) hooks up and pulls it 177.4 Ft Lets just say he let the flag man and the track people know he wasn't happy with this pull. Meeting of the minds on the track again. Decision to reset the eliminator was made and he'd come back at the end..

Now I was the 9th truck to pull but with them resetting the sled I'm now 6th and Just in front of me is one of those 1500 + Alky Mod trucks and one right behind me .. I felt like the ham in a ham sandwich.
Will Playing Hooky 2 line up took it out of the hole to easy stab it at 75 ft mark and got out of it .. played with it down the track but never really hooked up..253 Ft
Now it was my turn, Well they pull the eliminator back crooked But I didn't see it till I was back up to it and the track guy told me it was a little cockied. Told Not to worry I'd straighten it out for them .. hehehe
Brought up the rpm's to 4500 Started to slip the clutch
off the line, at the 75 Ft. mark put it to the floor and off we went pull good and hard, made and little shcain in the track and pulled it 291.7 Ft. First place ( At that time ) One for ShaZam's best pulls ever. Got back to the trailer in time to watch the next truck pull 284.1... WoW I'm still leading and the next truck 289.0 ....Holy WOW Kicked butt on 2 of the big Alky Trucks I had a Big O smile on my face ..
Then Came one of My Club Trucks 299.10 Bummer ... Will at least its a Club Member, Then the next truck to the line was Billy Krieschner's 650 Cid Hemi headed Big Block 1500 + H.P. Alky Motor Ford called Fast Forward.. Billy Hooked off the line and never looked back 322.5 , But Billy Must not have hear at the drivers meeting that it was a floating finish because he let up and stopped it there ..( He could have went another 10 ft had he wanted too.)
Next Truck was the club Pres. Lied it down and went 324.1
Dame track is getting better with each truck now ..
and Last Truck to pull went 320.8 ..

Boy Went from 1st To 5th with these last 4 trucks ..
But they pay out to 5th so I get something today. 

So Summery so far
Super Stock 4th and 6th
Modified 5th and 5th ..

Memorial Weekend 2003