Mishicot 7-25-03
Well Like I said in the earlier post I had to put my 426 back-up motor in for the weekend.
Well I sure miss the extra 150 H.P. that my 435 has ..

Had the A/T's on and the track looked hard .. ( Track Prep. Conceded of Spraying some water on it to hold down the dust. Otherwise it was our job to remove the grass and weeds that had grown into the track from last year..)

OK in the 5500 # Class Came out of the hole Like I would with my 435 but the 426 didn't respond the same.
R's where at 5500 and pretty much stay there the whole run tire never seem to hook to the track, Finished 5th

OK So where going to try to get the tire hooked on the next run in 6250 Class..

What I didn't see was that the track actually changed during the intermission. It went from a dusty no hook track to Moisture Oozing clay that said you need Horsepower.
I came out of the hole a little easier then normal and
the R's never came up . I ended up stabbing the clutch just to hit 5000 at the end of the run .. Pulled 6th place out of the hat .. oh well It's a learning curve I guess ....

Mishicot WI 7-26-03

Sat. It rain most of the Mornings So I switched to the M/T's thinking it would be a mud hole ... Well got there and the Tractors had the track all screwed up .. they Scraped about 4" of the good clay off the run the tractors and never put it back down .. So the track was like Black Top....

Ended up 2nd in both classes for the Day so It was a good day after all .. I'm now sitting in First place in points in both Classes again .. with two more pulls to go .....