Mishicot WI.

July 31 2007 at 12:45 PM

Last weekend in Mishicot WI.

Mishicot WI had a two-day pull on Friday night and Saturday night. For me it was a really fun weekend because they asked me to do the announcing both days after I did my little bit of announcing at the Francis Creek pull a few weeks back. I seem to have found my niche in life. I might let a bad word slip once in a while but I have to remember that this is a family event and I have to leave my Shop vocabulary at work and use my Church vocabulary more.

Anyways I got ShaZam all set for her first class then took my chair at the announcers booth and got everything set –up for Daddy so when he got done pulling in his class he could just park his truck at the end of the track and be able to watch the rest of the pulls in his truck.  For those who missed my posting before, my daddy has been diagnosed with liver cancer and they’re treating him with Chemo for it. Right now it’s kicking his a$$ and he’s getting pretty weak But I ask him each week if he feels up to going to the pulls and he tells me, I’ll never be that sick that I can’t go to the pulls, I’ll feel this shitty weather I’m home or at the pulls and I have more fun watching the pulls.

So anyways I was going thru the classes and telling the crowd the different’s between the classes as they came up, because to most people they just see and here trucks going down the track pulling the sled. They don’t know that Plain stock trucks are the ones you drive on the road, and Open stock trucks are set up for just competition and will never see the road again, and Super stock trucks have the biggest motor and the most horsepower of all the trucks there except for maybe some of those Super Stock Diesels there. And that some of the Super Stock Trucks use up to 1.5 gals of fuel to make a run down the track.

OK so the track guys tried to do a really good job at getting the track prep. for Friday night, they watered the track each night during the week and then would disk it and leave it soak in each day. On Friday they dump the water on in the morning and let it soak and 2 hours before the pull was to start Mother Nature dumped 2” of rain in the area making the track a big pile of clay goo . they worked it out the best they could but it stayed wet all night.

So we go thru the 5500 # Open stock class and then the 6200 #street stock class, followed by the 6250# Open stock (Just more weight added). And then the 5500 # Super Stock class is next. I was the 10th puller in the class on Friday night out of 12 trucks. And I told the crowd there how I was going to ease it out of the whole just like I usually do and then drive it down to the end of the track. Where they had a radar Sign they got from the City of Mishicot that displayed the speed of the trucks as they came down the track. It was pretty cool to see how fast each truck was going and I estimated my speed would be 21 mph when I headed down the track. Well to my surprise I only went 11 mph and I couldn’t get any traction what so ever out there and got stooped at the 187’ mark for the lite class but finished 4th for the night. I thought it was just the lack of weight with the clay condition they had that left me short for the night so I left the same gear in the profab and just added the weight back to the box seeing the wheel speed was about right for what ShaZam usually would run out the end with turning 7600 Rpm’s. So back up to the announcers booth and I told the crowd boy I guess I judged that track wrong, but what really hurts the most about this night was my buddy Dean came with and he put a spanking on me by 20’. So I guess I’ll hear about this for the next few weeks.

Well I announced the 2 diesel classes before the 6250 # Super stock Class which was the last class of the night. And I was the 2nd truck to pull in that class So when the time came I jumped into ShaZam and brought her up to the staging area and got ready for my turn to pull the sled. Well even with the added weight ShaZam still couldn’t find any traction and I finished out of the money in 7th place out of 10 trucks. So I sucked it up and put ShaZam on the trailer for the night and went back to finish announcing the class.

When the pull was over the promoter came up to me and told me I did a great job and wanted to know if I was coming back on Saturday, and if I was would I announce that night also. I say yes and I’d be glad to help them out with the announcing.

After the pull One of the pullers said he had this huge 50 x 200 pole building and We could leave the trucks and trailers there over night so save on some fuel cost seeing we where coming back the next day and didn’t have to work on either truck. So I accepted his offer and after a few Brewski’s We headed over to his place to drop off the trailers.

His direction was take a right out of the drive way then go 2 stop signs then take a right to Denmark then left onto the interstate home.   Easy enough right… So we get home at 2:00 A.M. crawl into bed and get up at 6 to take the wife out for breakfast. Lounge around during the day seeing I couldn’t work on the trucks any cuz they where down in Mishicot, told daddy I’d pick him up at 2 to head back down there seeing the pulls started Sat. @ 4 and it’s 1.5 hour drive there .. get there @ 3:30 with lots of time to spare.

Well on the drive back down the road to Denmark was good but that’s where it started to get fuzzy.  Ok down 3 miles turn left go two stop signs then a left and I should be right back where the trucks where parked.. Well some how I ended up taking a wrong turn and we got to see a lot of the country side between Mishicot and there boarding towns. But lucky for me I have a gift of somehow ending up in the right place and I stumbled on to the road I need to turn and there just a ¼ mile down the road was the trucks and trailers. 3:45 and only a few minute’s out of town no problem. Called ahead just to let them know we where on our way. Got there with 2 minutes to spare.

The track had made a big flip from last nights it was dry and hard from the big farm tractor pull they had in the A.M. and they where in the middle of the lawn tractor pulls when I got there. But the lawn tractor people had this nice box scraper with sprayer on it to help keep some moisture in the track. As the day went on the track got less dusty letting me know the sprayer was working good. So mid way thru the lawn tractors the Trucks started pulling on one side of the track and the lawn tractors on the other side class by class. And I got to announce for both.. Cool beans ..hey


Well Daddy class came up and he was the last puller in the class and when it was all done he finished in 4th place, just out of the money. But what I should have picked up on and didn’t was Daddies truck always did better at this track. Well after a while it was my turn to get out and Spank ShaZam down the track. In the lite class I was the last truck to pull again so I got to watch everyone else pull before me with 5 trucks making out the end for a full pull. As I got ShaZam backed up to the sled and tightened up the chain I tried to find my line to the end of the track. As I eased it out of the whole and worked my way down the track I matted the gas at the 75’ mark and ShaZam tore down the track and pulled it out the end. So there was 6 Trucks total to make it out. They reset the sled and my buddy Dean was the second in the pull off and he pulled it to 176’ from the 290’ he had in his first pull. Need less to say he was upset with the pull but then as he seen each truck after him fall further and further behind his pull he said well that’s cool? Then it was ShaZam’s turn I figured I should put an easy spanking on everyone, Seeing I know how this sled works, Well as I left the line I barely touched the gas and My tires just erupted and I couldn’t get it to hook to nothing. Ended up at 143’ for another 4th place finish. And a 33-foot spanking from my buddy Dean.


So after the lite class I put 5 gals. Of fuel in the tank added the weights to the box and Felt the gear was the right one again for the track. But this time I was the 2nd truck to pull in the heavy class. What I didn’t know was that the sled crew felt the pull was going to long so they tightened up the sled to keep us from making it to far down the track. And get the class over with faster.. Don’t want any full pulls. Only problem is with this sled either it’s a 290’ pull or 150’ pull there’s no in between. First truck to pull went 149’ and he turned down the pull to comeback at the end of the line. So 2nd puller was not the best spot to pull from either. I hooked to the sled and tightened up the chain, Eased it the best I could to the 75’ mark and once again as soon as I touched the gas again the tires just broke loose and I went no where 146’ … This sucks. So I loaded it up on the trailer and went back to finish the night out announcing the rest of the class and then the powder Puff class to finish out the night.


So now I have to take a step back and look at what all happened this weekend. Being an announcer I get to see all the trucks run but I loose the chance to make changes to my truck if I see the track change during the night. And even when I see it changing from up above I think Being a flag guy has better advantages then the announcer spot Cuz I get to see what the clay is doing during the pull. The box scraper worked nice but it filled in the ruts with out packing it down so it gave a miss reading that the track was good when it wasn’t.


So I pull this weekend at DePere WI and hope to get ShaZam back on top of her game for the WUMPA Club pull on Aug. 11th.