Mishicot, Denmark, West Bend, Cedarburg, Green Lake, Depere Pulls

July 26 2008 at 9:51 PM

Well Folks I seemed to have fallen behind on my stories.

So I’ll recap them to what I can remember.

 OK I Pulled Bad to the Bone and ShaZam to Mishicot WI on Friday July 25 And Bruce met me there to have a fun night of pulling there. They asked me to do the announcing there which I didn’t have problem doing. But I tend too not do as good when I do announce then if I was the flagman watching the track for changes during the pull. So any ways I sucked in the light class and took 4th and I think I took 2nd in the heavy class. Made enough money to put fuel in the tank, I then dropped the trailer off at Donny Skinkis and headed home to get some stuff done in the shop on Saturday morning and headed back down to Denmark on Saturday night to Pull in the P.I. Super stock class and take registration for the WUMPA Open Stock class that was there. We ended up with 10 Open Stock trucks there and two of them broke early in there pulls But the rest of them put on a good show for the crowd that was on hand.

 Then came the P.I. Class and once again I picked a early number for this pull out of 16 trucks I pulled in the 5th spot. And pulled the sled 285.80 Feet good enough for 5th over all that night and a paycheck. So while we where at the drivers meeting I heard there was a pull on Sunday down in West Bend and seeing how I was on vacation this week I figured I head down that way seeing I was half way there already, So I slept in my Super duty Ramada Inn at Denmark that night and headed to West Bend in the morning at 7:30 with Mike Kauss in tow. I should have known it wasn’t going to be a good day when we hit the freeway and one of my Straps broke and my ramp fell down doing 75. We no sooner got that fixed and then Mike’s truck kept bouncing off his weight bar jack stand stops. But we finally did make it to West Bend at 11:30 in time for the pull that was going to start at 2:30.

 Well once again I pulled a early number in the class I pulled a number 2 and I hoped that they goofed on the sled setting and I’d get to be the 1st puller, but that didn’t happen I pulled 288.xx and I was Leading the class as I pulled off the track, But by the time I made it back to the trailer I heard. “ We have a New Leader at 289.xx “and then the next truck went 304.xx and I sat in 5th place for a few trucks and by the end of the class I was sitting in 17th place out of 23 trucks. So $100.00 in the fuel tank and I was heading home with a 3 hour drive in front of me. Now all this time I have been pulling ShaZam and Bad to the Bone on my Two-truck hauler getting 9 Mpg. So once home I looked and I put on 630 miles on over the weekend so there was 320 bucks in fuel used up.