Mishicot WI

Well pulled in to the parking area at 3:30 p.m. and helped Jodi finish setting up her camper and pulled in alongside her so she could get power off my generator that’s going to be running until Sunday anyway, no need to have to noise makers running. Got ShaZam unloaded and put the gear for the night in the box. Got everything done I could except put the fuel in seeing it was so hot it would probably just evaporate away. So with that done I set off to get things set up at the announcer’s booth which was easy enough and then went about handing out checks to pullers I see that had them coming.

 Before you know it, it was time to get things organized and get the show on the road. Called Drivers meeting and the pull started on time @ 7 p.m. We had to be done by midnight due to a Noise ordinance..  So tonight class line up was Comp Stock, 2.6 Diesel, Open Stock, Street Diesel, 9500 LHF, Super Stock, Working Stock Semi’s finished up the night.

Now Somehow I was elected to be announcer for the evening which I had no problem with I like talking about pulling and the differences there is in the classes, and when the sled operator decides to make a change to the sled, Sometimes it’s as simple as flicking a switch to make the sled do something sooner or later.. or changing a proper shaft to make the box go faster or slower .

Anyway I announced till the 9500 LHF came up and then Jodi came too cut me loose so I could finished getting ShaZam ready Scaled up and get into staging. I was the 3rd puller of the class out of 9 trucks, I followed Mike Kauss and his Shoot to Thrill Truck and Bob Ernst was first hook.  Bob pulled the Sled 315’ on a 330’ track so Josh flipped one of his switches and shifted the weight box speed up a notch and that made Mike the first puller and Bob came back at the end of the class. With the changes made Mike pulled the Sled 306.29’ @ 21.7 mph. So josh was happy with the change and the sled stood pat. Mike felt it was a good pull and he kept it and headed back to his trailer, ShaZam got hooked up to the sled and I pulled the chain tight, knowing I had all my gremlins fixed I brought the r’s up to 6000 and let the truck take off from the line At 70 feet out I gave ShaZam as much throttle as she can would take and I watched tach headed up to 7800 and my tires seem a little soft as I had what I call traction hops as I was heading down the track. I was stopped at the 305.54’ mark with a track speed of 21.8 mph. I felt good with my run and headed back to the trailer I noticed my motor temp was up to 245 dreg. When I got there so I let the water pump and fans run a bit to help cool things down. By the time I got back to the announcers stand to watch the rest of the class run Junk Yard Dog ran already and had a 303.86 @ 21.9 mph. Next up was Jeff Koller and at the 85’ mark something in the front end of his truck broke and he had to be towed off the track, Next up was Dan Berlin he pulled the sled 295.17’ @ 20.30 mph. Brad Ruege was up next and he put a whopping on us all pulling the sled to 312.32’ @ 23.00 mph.  Jack Peters Came up and pulled the sled 288.70’ @ 18.70 mph.  Justin Kusch was up next and he pulled the sled 304.03’ @ 21.80 mph. Last truck in the class was Tom Scheffen and he took over the lead with a pull of 313.96’ @ 23.20 mph.  Then Bob Ernst came back for his re-pull and he pulled 302.26’ @ 21.30 mph.

So ShaZam took 4th out of 10 trucks tonight, Tomorrow I’ll be in Ripon @ noon and Denmark @ 7 pm.

Later Dan and ShaZam