June 11 2007 at 11:25 PM

Well seem I’m have one of those up and down years.

Started the season off with a studder miss and fart switched back to my 114 fuel and it seem to go away.. Ran with a little miss on Friday night in Super stock but cleared up in Mod and ran strong down to the end of the track. Placed 7th in both classes on Friday night. But for the most part ShaZam was running great again; Sat. Night went to Bear Creek WI for a P.I. Pull. I was the 7th truck to pull in the class with 9 trucks total. When I pulled up to the sled the first place truck was sitting at 321‘ and the 2nd place truck was 304’. As I rolled it off the line I had to feather the gas twice to get the tires to hook up. But by the 150’ mark I was hooked and turning 7400 Rpm’s ran there for the most part the whole way but just as the last stage hit, ShaZam lost a cylinder and stopped at 301.47’ good enough for 4th place. Had ShaZam pulled off the track back to the trailer.


Just as I seem to get things running good again this happens. Pulled the motor and pulled it down to see what went wrong. Seem I dropped the intake valve and it bounded around a few times and then got stuffed into the seat area. For the most part it was the best way to have dropped a valve, minimal piston damage little bit of head work to fix what I boggered up there. I sent the heads back to Charlie Evans to have him make them right again. And replace what ever needs replacing.