May 30 2005, 7:56 AM 

 Oconto Falls

Well the first pull weekend is done ... How did I do ...... Not good .... First Camcorder decides it's all done making video's for me.. Auto Shutter doesn’t want to work right. Turn it on all I get is a big white screen.. My Wife played with it and got it to work in manual mode, but every time it powers down you have to reset the settings. "JUNK"

Now for ShaZam, Oconto Falls was the first pull everything was going good Unloaded ShaZam off the trailer and she was running fine. As my first class was coming up I went to bring her into staging, as I was backing out of my parking spot ShaZam Just Quit running.. Looking things over it seems the power Hyd. steering was sucking all the batteries down to under 11 volts and the MSD would shut off.

Cleaned all the connections made sure everything was tight and prayed she make it thru the pull, using the steering as little as possible.
Well didn't work ShaZam Spit, popped, backfires all the way down the track on the first pull. Only turned 5000 Rpm.. And pulled 252' where first place went 313' We had a floating finish. So off too change the tires over for modified class. Not too much else I could do other then leave the charging unit run and Hope the battery's would hold up for the next run.
Everyone was concerned with how ShaZam was running and would stop by and give me Idea's as to what might be my problem, From Running Lean to tight valve to bad Dist. cap, bad plug wires. I thought it might be a bad pick-up coil in the dist. it's self ..

Well came out in Mod and it was a little better but still acting up, Made it to 285' this time but finished 5th for the day. As I was running it back to the trailer it still was spitting and sputtering.

Well once I got home I pulled the dist. and found it had some rust forming on the coil pick-up which to me means it's getting moister inside there, SO I swap it out with the New MSD Dizzy I had on the shelve. Only this one wasn't welded so I put the lightest spring that came with it, with hopes that all the advance would come in by 3000 rpm's.
Well it would run OK when it got warm but wouldn't idle worth crap when cold. Still seem to have a stumble in it so I swapped out the plug wire with some old ones I had on the shelve. Ran much better so Off to the Sunday pulls in Wabeno.
Well after waiting all day I was the 3rd hook in Super Stock, off the line it was clear for about 20' then it started breaking up, Cleared it's self up some and then Went up to 7000 rpm's and seem to be doing great. AND then at 252' it quit with a Big Puddle of oil under her and a death trial from about the 240' mark.

So this years first pulls of the season weren’t too good.

Hopefully Oconto in two weeks will be better to me..