Oconto WI Pull

June 8 2008 at 10:45 AM

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Oconto WI Pull 2008

Mother Nature was going to be a pain in our butts this weekend. Weatherman on TV said there was a 50 % chance of Thunder Showers three times on Friday. In the early A.M. , then again around 5 P.m. , and then once again at 9 P.m.

Well registration was from 4 till 6 with the pull starting at 7 P.m. So I left home at 3 P.m. for the 40-minute hike to Oconto from my house. I was the 3rdtruck into the parking area and I got my el’premo parking spot next the boat ramp on the Black Top parking area. Note theirs is parking on the grass area next to the end of the track. And it would be the ultimate parking spot for changing tires and all, But if we happen to get rained on it then becomes a Mud bogs race to get out of there. So I play it safe and stay on the black top.

So as I drive into the parking area and I get one look down the track, All I see is that the track’s uncovered and it has 2 big water puddles in it from the morning rains we got. Oh Great I say to myself, this is not goin to be a good day at all. So there was a really stiff breeze blowing as we watch all these clouds passing us over head, wondering if one was going to put a down pour on us. The track guys didn’t want to touch the track until just before the pull started incase of rain, so the track prep was minimal at most. They took a dozer and leveled off the starting area a little and then there was a little dip in the track where the pan of the eliminator hits after starting the trucks down the track, they filled that area in and tried to pack in down. So they called it good and we started the pull.

Well I have to say Super Stock 4x4 trucks where the 5th class to run tonight and the track was holding up nicely. They started spraying it after the third stock class and then it really started to get some hook in it for the Open Stock guys. They’re where 10 Open stock trucks there and only two of them had issues during their runs. They where the two Fords with the 480 Cubic Inch BBF, where last week I told them if they could get the breakage problems fixed on there trucks that they will be really tough to beat in this class.

Well Ben ended up putting a window in his block after throwing a rod, and Derek broke an outer axle on the driver’s side to put him on the trailer for the night.  I told Ben to stop and see me after he pulled the engine out and dismantled it to see how much damage there was done to the internals. If the heads look good then I have all the spare parts he need to put another engine together for the next pull in two weeks at Pound with the NEW Club. I had planed to put one of these buzz boxes together for Daddies truck before he died but it never got put together. So I’ll pass them along to Ford Co-part No problem at all.

So On Wednesday I started doing my Homework for this pull going thru the log book and my old post about this track, and what happened over the last three years I pulled here.

Made my gear choice from this homework and put it in the box and locked it up .

So with Super Stock coming up next I went and got ShaZam, which was parked on the black top about 400 yards away from the scale, Got it on the scale and of course it says I’m 50 # heavy so I pulled Three 20 pound weights out of the box got back on the scale and now it says I’m 20 pounds light. Oh what the heck throw one 20 # weight back in the box and it says I’m 20 pounds heavy. So out it came and I’ll just run 20 pounds light seeing the Scale can’t make up it’s mind. Now we have 23 Truck in the class today Twenty Three. Where are all these trucks coming from when you only pay down to 5th place there a lot of guys going home without a paycheck?

 But as it turns out the Oconto Trail busters added some extra cash for the payout today so they where paying down to 10th In Super Stock and 6th place in Modified.

So OK the line up Midnight Cheater was the 1st Truck in the class to hook to the sled, I’m seating deep in the pack at 14th puller out of 23 with three dropped out due to breakage from the earlier class. So after I pull there will be 6 trucks I have to watch.

Roy Got all hooked up the Mean Green and Left the line in and 9000 Rpm buzz of glory. His truck hooked to the track about 100 feet out and picked up speed with Mean Green putting a stop on him at the 310.01’ mark. As Roy was getting unhooked the flag guy asked him if he was keeping his pull and he said NO I’ll come back around last. So Roy pulls off the track and parked by My Truck to watch the action as the class went thru it’s rotation. Next truck up was Jack Peters he laid down a 293.11’ pull and I went over to Roy and told him Jack was 18 feet behind his pull and Roy said I think I goofed up then.

So as the trucks where coming down the track I was watching them and looking to see which side of the track was producing better results. At this point Troy Laubach with Locked and Loaded was sitting in first place at 301.28’ Then Donny Skinkis with American Outlaw laid down a 305.68’ run putting him in the catbirds seat. I didn’t get to see his run as I was in staging and it just don’t look the same from the starting line of the track. Was the track getting better? Well Mike Kauss was up next and his run went to 296.95’ but he had a lot of lunging going on during his run.

So ShaZam is up next with 6 trucks still behind me and I get all hooked up and ready to go. Set tach turn on Power Steering, Get ready see the flagman give me the green flag and as I was leaving the line I see the Fan switch was off so I used my free hand to switch it on as I was easing ShaZam down the track, when I hit the 100’ I laid into the throttle and ShaZam roared to life and the tach headed up to 7800 rpm and then floated there just like last week between 78 and 8000 so I knew I had a good run going so I headed down the track and put ShaZam on the left Side just like I wanted cuz there seemed to be a little more bit over on that side of the track, When my wheels stop spinning I was sitting at 310.04’ and in 1st place. Now this is the “Suckey” part of a pull having to watch all these other trucks trying to put a spanking on me. Of all the trucks coming up after me there where 4 that I knew could blow past me if they get hooked right. Cory Lemirande, Chucky Champagne, Bruce Wagner and Roy at the end of the pack.

As each one pulled the track was working in my favor, Cory got a 308.92’ Chucky had a 303.64’ Bruce laid down a 305.68’ and Roy had a 304.66’ on his re-pull.

So Hot Dam ShaZam had a great day in Super Stock. After 10 years of pulling I think I had my first perfect pull.

Modified Class

I changed tires Drop my gear to what I figured it should be from the records I keep and headed to the scale. I scaled out perfect and I got in line. I was the 3rd puller in Modified with there being 12 trucks altogether. Now in Mod I don’t get all fluster about where I finish Due to we have 4 real Mod trucks here tonight. SO I figure if I place I’ll be happy

Well Tory was the first Truck in Mod and he turned his first pull down to come around at the end. Next up was Jack Peters and He laid down a 289.30’ but he went down the right side of the track. I was up next and I was going to play it just like I did in Super run down the left side and out the backdoor. Well It worked that way for the most part At the 100’ mark I throttle it up and ShaZam Zoomed up to 8000 then back to 7800 and then floated there again. Man I think I got this gearing down now. ShaZam came to a stop at the 291.96’ mark and once again where in 1st place. But that was short lived when Billy Kirschner and Fast Forward came up after me; He was one of the real Mod trucks here tonight. He put me in 2nd place with his 308.00’ distance. So now I just had to sit and watch the rest of the field pull.  Bruce Wagner was suppose to follow Billy but he blew a tube in one of his mod tires and had a plan to use one of Jack Peters tires after Jack was done pulling, but they had problems getting it on his Truck so they moved Dean Wagner up to keep the show running and let Bruce work on it till the end of the class if he had to.

This was the first year that Dean didn’t have air under his truck while pulling the Mean Green Sled. He laid down a pull of 291.37’ just a mirror .59’ behind me. So now I’m 2nd and Dean’s 3rd . The next real Mod truck to come up to the line was Jerid Fegus with their brand New 1500 H.p. Mod truck. They just wish they could have gotten it to hook to something on the track. They mustered up a 289.40’ pull but they where just spinning there wheels. So Next up was our drinking buddy Craig Emmes and Cold Ethyl, Craig did everything right on his pull except he went right on the track and ended up short with a 289.07’ pull. So with Donny Skinkis up next we only had 3 trucks left to pull, Dean was doing the math and had figured out we’d still be in the Money for this pull, so he was happy as hell because for first time in 7 years he made money at this pull, and his truck didn’t hop like a bunny rabbit. Donny laid down a 281.04’ pass and next up was Bruce Wagner after all the bull shit he ended up running his mod tires on the rear and his DOT on the front because Jacks tires kept hitting his New brake calipers he installed over the winter. Bruce beat Donny but ended up with a 284.65’ pull good enough for a 9th place finish for the night. So the last truck on the roster today was Cory Lemirande, Cory started left like me and then went down the middle of the track and when he hit the last roller hill in the track he seemed to pick up more speed then the rest of the truck had and he passed me up with a 299.18’ pull putting me into 3rd for the night. Tory was then the last hook of the night with his re-pull and ended up with a 287.40’ pull.

So what do you think of this competition.

In Super Stock 1st place was 310.04 and 10th place was 296.85 just 13.19 feet covering the top ten.

In Modified 1st place was 308.00 and 10th place was 281.04 just 26.96 feet covering the top ten.

So this week coming up I’ll be in Iron River MI on Friday Night.Dan and ShaZam