This weekends pull at Pound WI.

July 1 2007 at 10:19 PM

Hey All..
Lucky for me I had a pull to go to this weekend.

In Super Stock I lucked out and was the last puller in the class, as it turned out the track got better with each truck. And as the 3rd to last truck pulled he pulled it out the end and had a Full Pull. The truck in front of me just missed a full pull by a few inches. And then it was my turn to pull.. As I pulled ShaZam on to the track I could see the ruts that the last few trucks had made, and I was wondering weather to follow there line or make a new path on my own. The track had just the right moisture content to the clay and there was traction everywhere on the track so I chose the line just right of where the other trucks ran. As I tightened up the slack in the chain I took a bead on the end of the track where I wanted to end up. As I eased it out of the hole I rolled it out for the first 50’ and then matted the peddle to the floor and I watched the tach got to 7200 and hold there, as I hit the 125’ mark I felt ShaZam hook to the track hard and I picked up speed .. As it turns out this afternoon they had a radar MPH screen at the end of the track for there Pace tractor class, so you could see just how fast you where going as you pulled, When ShaZam hooked to the track I was going 17.5 Mph and I seen to go up and up to where it topped out at 22.2 Mph .and then started to slow down but I didn’t stop till I was out the end of the track .. FULL PULL …. Hot Dame, So I guess head back to the starting line for a Pull off. But As I was heading back to the starting line I noticed my oil pressure as getting low at 30 psi as I moved thur the pits. So I kept my water pump and fans running to help cool things down during the break they gave us as they reset the sled for the pull off. Tory fired up his Locked and Loaded Chevy and got hooked up the sled for the pull off, As he left the line he pretty much dumped the clutch and had a bunch of wheel speed going for him and the sled stopped him at the 242’ mark.
When I fired up ShaZam I had 40 psi oil pressure so I went out and got hooked up to the sled. I tried to repeat my first pull but they really tightened up the sled, I rolled it out and matted it sooner then I did on the first pull but I never even got to 17 mph’s and the sled stopped me at the 230’ mark. Wow he got me by 12 ‘ bummer.. but it was still 2nd place for the day.

Modified Class just plain Sucked.. The track was just the opposite of Super Stock
And I was the 2nd to last puller in that class. I finished last in the class and I had no oil pressure when it was all said and done. I limp ShaZam off the track enough to let the last truck in the class pull and I shut it down there to cool off, hoping it was just hot and the oil was weak so if it cooled off I’d have some oil pressure to load it on the trailer.
After 20 minutes I took a walk over and Fired up ShaZam and I had 40 psi again so I headed to the trailer, But as I was heading over there the oil pressure gauge started to head down to 0 psi on the front gauge but I had 5 psi on the back gauge so I got it on the trailer and shut it down.

This A.M. I headed out to the shop to see what happened with the oil pressure in ShaZam
I changed tires back to the DOT tires and did a test fire up on the trailer and I had 40 Psi again.. Now on a Cold start up before I always had 80 psi so I must have hurt some thing, so I quickly backed ShaZam off the trailer and into the shop for the investigations.

So all the possible run thru my head.. Spun Bearing no problem I had a new set of rods and main bearings on the shelve. So let drain the oil and see what’s in it to help in the investigations.

Pulled the plug and the oil looks new yet. Nothing there no metal, no flakes, nothing.
So OK I have a easy check screen on the oil filter so may be that’s plugged with junk and is holding the oil flow back .
So spin off the oil filter and check the screen. A few specks of brass is all I see. So I pulled my distributor and sure enough the brass gear shows sign of wear on the bottom, so I must be clamping it down to hard and it’s hitting the thrust plate in the block and causing it to wear.

So only thing left is to pull the pan and see what’s going on in there . So as I dropped the pan I see the Screen to the pickup tube had come off and dropped to the bottom of the pan and with only ½” of clearance it pretty much shut off the oil from the bottom and the only oil that could get in was thru the little area the had pulled from the tube when it broke off. All the bearing look new yet so nothing got hurt here .

So the only thing we have to do now is find a new rear sump pick-up screen for a 460-truck pan on a Sunday. So I put the call out to all the puller in my neighborhood and as Luck had it Roger Suennen who lives just down the road from me had a Brand New one still in the box from Ford in his shop. So bing bang I’m all set up and I should have ShaZam back up and running by noon Monday, Just in time for the pull on Tuesday night in Gillett WI.

Well keep you all posted as too how this turned out.

By the way I did tell you all about the baddest highway in the state of Wisconsin.

Highway 180 from Marinette to McAllister WI is only 15 miles long but we have more pulling trucks then we due miles in this area with 16 trucks.

All Fords by the way .. nice neighbor hood hey ……


Re: This weekends pull at Pound WI.

July 2 2007, 8:54 PM 

Update on ShaZam:

Got everything buttoned up and primed the motor and I now have only 70 psi when I use to have 80 psi on cold start up, So I must have hurt something in the motor. Will try to make it thru the July 3rd pulls then pull motor and check things out.


Re: This weekends pull at Pound WI.

July 3 2007, 11:40 AM 


"I see the Screen to the pickup tube had come off and dropped to the bottom of the pan and with only ½” of clearance ( To begin with )it pretty much shut off the oil from the bottom and the only oil that could get in was thru the little area the had pulled from the tube when it broke off."

The pick up screen came off the end of the tube, but it was still covering the tube itself. The only oil that was getting into the tube was being sucked in thur the small area that the tube had broken free off of.

Hope this better explains what happend.



July 5 2007, 5:55 AM 

Well as luck had it the Gillett Pull got rained out. So I got ShaZam into the shop as soon as I got home from the pull and drained the radiator and pulled the hood.

8:00 A.M. Wed. Morning I started to pull the motor by 9:30 I had it on the stand and pulled the pan and Main Girdle.

Upon inspection I smoked number 4 main bearing and number 3 rod bearing, had to shine the crank up a little to remove some bearing material but everything mic'd out ok yet.

Had to stop operations to take the wife to her hometown to watch the fire works there, so I'll be priming the motor this A.M. to see what kind of oil pressure I have.