Pound WI Pull


June 27 2009

 Pound WI is a pull that always seem to get rained on, And as we where heading there it once again began to rain. But it was only a short 30-minute shower and then they graded the tracks top 3” of slop off and finished the 2 tractor classes. Then they graded the same slop back onto the track and tried to get it the mix in but had to grade it off due to it still being to moist for the Trucks to pull on, But after an hour of playing with it they finally had the track good enough for the Trucks.

 So with the start of the Stock Trucks the track looked good and it seemed to have lots of bit. By the time they got to the Super Stock Trucks the track was actually getting a little dry and hard and was developing a wash board in the middle of the track, so no matter which way you went you had to drive thru it and that caused the Sled to get a little hoppy as it went over that area also, Which made the weight box lunge some.

 So anyway today Craig and Bruce decided they where going to switch Trucks today in Modified class just to see what they could get out of each other’s trucks. Now earlier that day I told them it’s not a good idea to be jumping from truck to truck, to many things can brake from little mistakes. They told me to mind my own business.

 So OK Super stock class starts. And right from the get go the track really didn’t like us. Bruce Wagner Pulled first he pulled 276.64’ Donny Skinkis was 2ndand pulled 263.48 Jack Peters was 3rd pulled 263.36 anyone see a pattern here yet. Dean Wagner was 4th pulled 257.03 I was 5th and pulled 251.02 Mike Kauss was 6th and pulled 248.17 and as each truck pulled they seem to get a little less with each pull so where you pulled in the class is where you finished in the class. In the top 10 trucks there was a 63’ different’s from 1st to 10th.

So there’s was a Diesel Truck class with 8 trucks so we could change to mod tires.

They Line up went Jack, Dean, Steve S., Me, Bruce, Craig, Mike, Randall Kleikamp.

Well Jack hooked to the sled and pulled it 290.20’ but the sled guy thought it was set to easy so he tightened it up a notch, Dean was then first puller. Dean pulled it 245.6’ and thought he could do better so he turned it down to come back at the end of the class. Not even looking at how Super Stock finished. Steve was up next but was having trouble with his truck so he was dropped to the end of the class to get it fixed, I was up next I hooked up made my best run at the track and as I hit that washboard middle of the track the sled really seem to buck against the truck. And I stopped at 222.56’ Dean comes up to me and says boy maybe I goofed up by not keeping my pull. Well ok Craig's up next with Bad to the Bone. As Craig get all hooked up Bruce is telling him to just make sure you leave the line at least at 6000 Rpm’s … So Craig tightened the chain Started to bring the r’s up and all of a sudden he started to leave the line at 5200 and as soon as the clutch caught up to the engine he started to lose Rpm’s he was at 5000 then 4800 the 4500 when he hit mid track and those washboards the sled started to jerk and then all of a sudden Bad to the Bone went from 3800 rpm’s to like 7800 in one leap and the sled shifted it’s self in to natural and the weight box slid back down, and as I watched Bad to the Bones Front end lift off the ground I knew Craig had his hands full. But it got better when he hit the end of the track the weight box decided to fly forwards and get into the action. As it turned out the sled had broke the shifting fork in the tranny and it was done for the night. So Mod class was called NP for the night.



Dan and ShaZam