Reflections of my Dad who passed away on Aug. 18 2007

Thursday May 3rd 2007

Mom called with news that daddy has a tumor on his liver. Told me they where going to be heading the Ann Arbor MI, to the hospital there to see what can be done.

Looking back at life.

Thru out my growing up my dad and I where busy with life and pretty much went our own ways. "I thought" But now looking back I see we took the same railroad tracks in life just at different times.

As a Kid my Dad was always trying to put this big Packard motor he had into whatever car he had at the time. Back then you couldn’t just go to the Ford motor company and order a go fast car. As daddy said you had to make it or you just had an old jalopy.

Thru out his life he was always trying to make something go faster then it was intended to go. Like his 1939 Case tractor (15 Mph) original to it with a 455 Oldsmobile Rocket with Dyno Glide 3 speed tranny (65 Mph).

I couldn’t see it then but I was mirroring my Dad thru my teen years and my younger adult life, When I had one car with a smashed front-end and a blown motor and I bought another one that had a Good front-end and motor but a bad tranny.

I took the two and made one good car out of them.

Then my 1967 Camero, 1980 Chevy Monza with a V8, my first Datsun 280 Z, then the red Datsun 280 ZX, then my Porsche 944.

Father and Son bonding time. Was something neither one of us knew anything about. Until I took my dad to the Gillett truck pull for his Birthday and Fathers day present from me one year. We both had a great time and I knew this was something we could do for years to come. So on the ride home I told my dad that from now on I’ll take him to the Gillett Pulls for his birthday. That was back in 1986.

SO every year we’d head to Gillett WI for the July 4th Truck pulls and we get the best seats in the house down by the end of the track where the trucks would end up stopping under the heavy load of the eliminator. As the pulls would get under way I’d lean over and tell Daddy " Yap one of these years I’m going to build me one of those Pulling Trucks." Well after about 10 years of me saying that, Daddy leaned back over to me and say, you been telling me this for years, when you going to get up off you dead ass and do something about it. That was during the summer of 1996 and I was going thru a divorce with my first wife of 19 years. Told Daddy I can’t do it this year but I will soon. After the divorce was final and I got my life in order, I got off my dead ass during the 1998 Pulling season and bought my first pulling truck from a guy that was retiring from pulling.

Jump ahead to 2002, Dad’s now retired and playing catch up on his Honey do’s list. ShaZam had the 435 Stroker 351m/400 Motor in her and we’d found a New place to pull where We are one of the top dogs.

Making a New Friend:

Frannie Metz and I met at one of the WUMPA pulls in the 2001-pulling Season. Frannie told me about this club he pulls in down by Two Rivers, and I should think about coming down to a pull or two with him. I told him to give me their schedule and I’ll see what looks promising with me. Well that club turned out to be STPA and I’ve been a member ever since with them.

Well from here you can follow the stories I posted from the beginning when Daddy was my track spotter to the day he picked himself up his own truck and we made it into pulling history as a Father and Son pulling team till Daddy passed away in the summer of 2007.

Those where the best 5 years I had with my Dad by far.