Ripon WI.

 Well I woke up at 7 am. and got things ready to hit the road. There’s a nice family restaurant just down the street so I stopped there for breakfast. I like Belgian waffles smothered with strawberries and whip cream, but to my surprise they didn’t have it on their menu. So I went for the omelet instead. Well I hit the road heading to Ripon at 8:30 am. and had to drive back to Green Bay to get on 41 North. There’s just something wrong about heading in the wrong direction to get somewhere. But I showed up in Ripon at 10 am. and the pull starts at noon so plenty of time. OK here’s another one of my quirks. My Camper is sitting at 68 Derg. Outside it’s 88 Derg. With 100% humidity. So why am I out walking around bull $hiting with all the other pullers sweating my a$$ off. I guess so I can drink water to replace what I’m sweating out.

OK Super Stock was the 4th class today and I was the 8th puller out of 12 in the class. Today’s sled was Gary Schyvinch’s  Attitude Adjuster Sled.

Tom Bosch was the test puller and he pulled the sled 310’ on a 300’ track so Gary reset the sled to knock 20 feet off and now Scott Luther with Mean Streak was the test puller, Gary stopped him at 277.07’ and he kept his pull so the sled was set, next up was Chucky Champagne Chucky got a distance of 283.08’ next was Pat Bosch he was stopped at 269.06’ next was a new face in my pulling world Todd Storka he pulled 278.00’ next was John Hollatz pulled 281.00’ next was Ross Davis his run put him at 282.11’ next up was ShaZam and I pulled the sled 282.06’ next up Randel Potratz he laid down a run of 290.09’ taking over 1st place at the time, next up was Scott Kieckbusch he pulled the sled 286.01’ next up was my Beer drinking buddy Bruce Wagner and Bad to the Bone. He pulled the sled 300.10’ by letting out of the throttle as the last stage hit. He gained 10 feet with that little maneuver, Next up was Dan Thoma he pulled the sled 282.03’ and last puller was Tom Bosch he pulled 274.06 beating out his brother. So ShaZam finished 6th out of 12 trucks. So load em up and head to Denmark for their 7 pm. Pull.

Denmark WI

I pulled into the park there at 4 pm. and got set up. My Plan is to spend the night here and head home in the morning. So seeing how I had some spare time I went thru my Valves and check the spring pressures. Everything looked good so button up the valve covers and went down the precheck list. Finally at 6 pm. They had their world famous Steak Sandwich done so I pick up two of them. One for now and one for later tonight. So the drivers meeting was called at 6:30 pm. and the pull started at 7 pm. Super Stock was the 2nd class of the night, after 6- 6000# Tractors, ShaZam was the 1st puller here. In the drivers meeting Roger said we’d have a floating finish up to 320’ anything more would be a pull off. So I had set in my mind anything better than 300’ I’d keep it. SO as I hooked to the sled and got all set I brought the R’s up to 6000 and let ShaZam come off the line and at the 70 foot mark the clutch was all in so I gave her a hand full of throttle and we headed down the track at 20 mph when I felt the last stage hit I slid to a stop at the 304.65’ mark, I was happy and kept the pull and headed back to the trailer. Headed back to the hill to watch the rest of the class pull Randell Potratz was next and he pulled the sled 314.23’ knocking me to 2nd place next was Todd Storka he pulled 289.90’ Next up was Chuck Champagne he pulled the sled 311.26’ knocking me to 3rd place, this is the part about being first I hate, watching your pull get beat up as the others pull. Next up was Bruce Wagner and he pulled the sled 303.90’ this time the little throttle deal didn’t get him any gains. Last truck in the class was Scott Kieckbusch and he pulled the sled 299.69’ seems the track went away after Chucky pulled and saved me from losing more spots .. So ShaZam finished 3rd tonight at Denmark.

OK it’s like 8 pm. I was going to spend the night seeing how we usually don’t get done pulling until midnight. But seeing how it’s so early I loaded up and headed home pulling in the yard at 10:15 p.m.


So until next week see ya later


Dan and ShaZam.