Rosholt WI

This was always one of my favorite tracks. But tonight the gremlins came back to haunted me. Rosholt had got some rain the night before but they had the track covered so it stayed dry. They opened it up Friday morning and added a little water to the track but then the humid stayed high all day and that little water acted like a lot of water after the sun went down. The track was like a big sponge and it wasn’t going to get any better today. I was the 7th hook in the class, and as I pulled the chain tight I brought the r’s up and was taking off and 50 feet out the engine just stop running. So they pulled me back to the starting line and I tried it again, this time the motor stayed running and I put down a run of 298.83 at 16.40 mph the low speed was due to the track just being soft I thought. So went over and changed tires for the mod class and got over the scale and up into staging.

In Mod I was the 3rd hook in the class as I got hooked up they made an adjustment to the sled which made me first puller, So left the line and ShaZam had her boots full right off the line. The track and the fact I just sharpened my mod tires made them hook to the track really hard. I pulled 300.85 so I kept the pull and loaded up ShaZam and went out to help Mike unhook the sled for the rest of the night. I took 6th in Super and 5th in Mod. I thought I had a good night, but now that I look back the gremlin had poked its head up and I didn’t see it till the next pull.



Dan and ShaZam