Seymour WI

So tonight where in Seymour WI pulling on the fairgrounds clay dirt track. They disked the shit out of it and added a ton of water and packed it in tight for us to pull on. Track wise it was a really good track.

For me I’ll never know just how good of a track it was, Seeing how my Gremlins Are back…

So Mod class comes up and I’m the 3rd puller in the class. When I get hooked to the sled I pulled the chain tight and as I got the green flag I brought the R’s up to 6000 and just as I was letting the clutch start to slip the engine ran out of racing fuel. SO I got unhooked from the sled and had someone tow me off the track. As I was being pulled back to my trailer I could smell fuel and I looked and my fuel pump switch was still on, So I turned it off and once I got back to my trailer I started to look to see what went wrong with my fuel pump. Well once I got to my trailer the pump was running again to I fired up ShaZam and everything looked fine, SO I went up to the announcers booth to let Jodi know it was working again and seeing how I never moved the sled the first time could I come back at the end of the class to take my run. She said yes so I went and waited for the last truck in the class to hook to the sled and I fired up ShaZam and drove back out and hooked up to the sled again. Pulled the chain tight and brought the R’s up and as I hit 6000 the engine ran out of fuel again, this time the motor stayed idling but wouldn’t go over 4 grand. So I unhooked again and idled off the track loaded up ShaZam and figured that my fuel pump had plugged the inlet filters and couldn’t get enough fuel to maintain high rpm’s, So when I get home I’ll tear the fuel system apart and clean everything out. This happened once before about 8 years ago where some fuzz got in my fuel system and plugged the inlet of the pump. So I finished last for the night which sucked because it was my chances to get ahead of Derek in points. Oh well


Later Dan and Shazam