Shoto WI

 OK I got my motor back together, Had the block Sleeved and bought a new piston had it matched weighted to the others and put it back together with the Super Cobra Jet heads I had on the shelve. I changed cams to the Crower I had cuz the Lunati intakes were chasing the pistons down the bore and catching them some. I only could get .040 clearance in the straight up position and .060 at -2 Dreg.
With the Crower I end up with .102 clearance..

Well we had two pulls over the weekend on Friday night I took 5th out of 17 trucks in Super stock and 6th out of 9 truck running Mod. My main goal Friday night was to keep the R's down below 7400 and I ran 6800 to 6900 on both pulls. So with the break-in done with on Saturday I let it rip with my goal rpm was 7400.
IN the light class I had to tall of a gear and only turned
7000 Rpm's so I geared down for the heavy class and turned 7200 Rpm's and pulled it out the back door. 5 other Trucks also had full pulls out of the 10 trucks field. So in the pull off I was the 3 truck in line .
I hooked up too the sled and came off the line Great, and it Zinged right to 7200 again and I could feel ShaZam really get hooked to the track, When at the 150' mark ShaZam stumbled and then just quit.... I was just devastated here it was pull number four again and I thought I lunched it again. $@&$$(&$@((@

Well we Pulled it onto the trailer using Daddy’s Truck and on the ride home which last by the way 1.5 hours, you can do a lot of thinking in that time.. All the scenarios as to what could have gone wrong with the motor on that last run.
Daddy did video it so we tried to see what we could on tape. But nothing obvious showed up.
So here's what I was thinking might have happened Cuz after I got pulled off the track I tried to get it to fire and I seen I had no oil pressure.
1. Sheared the pin in the dist. gear.
2. Maybe the teeth broke off the dist. gear.
3. May have broke the 3/8th ARP oil pump shaft.(Well it could happen)
4. A malefuction in the kill switch
5. Or a malefuction in the low oil pressure Kill Switch

So in the Morning I went out to find out what happened.
1. Pulled the dist to check the pin and gear. Both looked ok.
2. Put the engine primer in the motor and hit the drill and it still had 80 psi.. So I didn't hurt the oiling system.
3. Took the pin out of the gear and it was perfect so back together it went.
4. Reinstalled the dist. and tried to start it up.
5. I have a Moroso 5 toggle and fuse switch panel the first switch I usually turn on is the fuel pump. Switch on but nothing happens... What the heck, check the kill switch OK there check the fuel pump wiring disconnect OK there, go back to the switch panel and There it is the 15 amp fuse is blown.
Replaced the fuse and turned on the pump and I could hear fuel running onto the trailer. Looked under the truck and I had a river of fuel flowing from the back of the motor.
Shut it off and started to check things out and I found the back Earl AN fitting had come loose and was letting the fuel just dump out there. Had about 2 gals of fuel on top of the intake and top of motor and all over the trailer. Gee I guess that 250 GPH Dominator fuel pump is working just fine.
Oh Boy was the man up above looking down on me this weekend.

So ShaZam is up and running again and we have the club pull this Saturday to look forward too.