Well my last few pulls have not been the best showing of ShaZam this year. My last story was at Maribel, which I thought I had a good pull but the numbers said I finished 5th. So the next week I went to Sugarbush, I was first puller and I had fuel ( water in fuel ) issues. Dropped my first hook and went and drained the fuel system and put some fresh fuel in the tank and bleed the carb. a few times. Came back at the end of the class and took 5th for the day there.

Next week was Francis Creek I was 5th hook in the class and didn’t get a very good hook to the track and finished 7th for the day.

Now we had an off weekend so did a quick look over of ShaZam and everything looked good Tidied up and oil leak I had and checked the valve train. Everything was good, So up coming weekend we have 3 hooks , Friday night where at 141 Speedway, Saturday where at Denmark, and Sunday seeing how the Foundry gave me and extra day off I’ll be in Shakey Lakes.

Last night at 141 Speedway ShaZam had water in the fuel again. This is the 3rd time this season. Took last place and pretty much took me out of the top three in points for the season in Super Stock.

Got to the Denmark Lions club park at 8:30 a.m. and drained the fuel system again. Found a lot of water in the fuel filter, there was none in the tank and some in the carb. Float bowls. Added some heat to my fuel cans and purged the fuel system, everything should be good for tonight’s pull here in Denmark.

After further Pondering I’ve come to the conclusion that the fuel filter is getting condensation in it from draining my fuel cell after each run. Leaving a little air gap in the filter and that gets the droplets to form and then drip into the filter and once it has gotten to half full then it sends the water mixed in my fuel to the carb. So now I’m going to just leave the fuel in the fuel cell and just add to it each week and keep it as air tight as I can in between pulls. Just have to remember to open vent on tank before each pull.

So Shakey Lakes was a Bust .. I now remember why I don’t go there anymore.  It’s a Sand Pit. There’s no traction there. All ShaZam did was dig down ruts about 4” deep and tried to climb out of them all the way down the track. I took 3rd in Super Stock and Mod 4x4. Got home at 7:30 after a Long three pull weekend.

So Wednesday night I’ll be in Seymour WI Pulling Mod. 4x4 there.

See ya all later

Dan and ShaZam