June 4 2006, 9:36 AM

When I hit mid track the engine comes down a few hundred r's Say if it was turning 8000 she'd come down too 7800 and then in the last twenty feet or so it breaks the tires loose and spins like hell.
One of my Buddies here say I should just put a 8500 chip in and let it go to town with the smaller gears (800,900,1000).

And Charlie and Lem feel I should be able to spin this puppy too 9000 if I want too, due to all the good parts I have in the motor.
But on the same token Lem say most all of the motors (everything between 500 and 600 Cubes) they've had on the dyno at there shop peek out before 7600 Rpm's.

Or maybe I should try driving it differently.. Say put a 800 gear in it and then just give it enough gas to keep the tires hooked to the ground.. That'd be 6800,7000 Rpm's
And just feed into it as I need it.
This would require me to install and hand throttle.. Right now it's too easy to just mash it too the floor...