ShaZam's second week of pulls

May 29 2007 at 11:25 AM

Saturday we pulled in Suring WI. ShaZam was sitting on the trailer all set up with the 97 Jets Sq. no power valves and timing set at 34 Dregs. locked out. Fuel was Rocket 118.

Now I had been talking to some of the guys in the pits and bending the ears of the guys that also used the rocket 118 fuels as to what there plugs looked like, What jets there running now verses before they went to the rocket fuel.

And the subject came up about maybe having to much octane for the compression of my motor. Now when I redid this motor I went on line to one of the engine calculators and punched all my numbers that I had figured on paper and came up with 15.5 to 1, Last night I went there again and redid it with the end numbers I had during assemble, I come up with 14.89 to 1 . So Is 118 octane to much for 14.89 to 1, and if it is will it cause it to run with a little pop and fart.

Anyways I was the 3rd puller in Super Stock and as I left the line Shazam studdered a little at 4500 and then as I went down the track the engine went to 7900 Rpm's but had a little miss, studder an fart it seemed. So I jetted up to the biggest jets I had in the box 100 Sq. and got ready to pull in Mod. But then the rain came and they said they might rerun Super Stock when the rain stops. So I thought to my self .. cool I'll get to see if the jetting helped or not. Well as it turned out they called a meeting and voted to call the class due to rain and hope they could get Mod. in before the next wave of showers showed up.

But it ended up rain just as Mod class started and they called the class also. so I didn't find anything out.

Sunday we pulled in Wabeno WI. Cool Dry day with spurts of Sunshine here and there.

I was the 3rd truck again in Super Stock and ShaZam still had a spit and sputter but I did turn 8000 with her and finished 3rd in the class for the day. So for Mod with no bigger jets to go to I went and mixed 2.5 gals of some renagade 114 in with the rocket 118 to see if knocking the octane down some would help. Well in Mod I was the 2nd to last puller and as the class went on the track just kept getting worst. ShaZam left the line and came up the 8000 right away had just a little studder but seemt to be running better, only problem was I couldn't find any traction and ended the day in last place for the day, with a pull of 310.7" with the winning pull at 347.3" ...

I have some pictures of the plugs I ran in mod .