Last pull for the season for the NEW Club in Suring WI.

 As I headed to the registration booth I was stopped by the President of the NEW club and he asked me if I’d do the announcing there seeing there normal announcer had a conflict that night with her kids football game and he heard good things about my announcing so I said Sure Seeing I was leading the super stock points by nine and I figured it out that if ShaZam was to finish last in the class with 8 trucks and the 2nd place truck finished first I’d still have him by one point, So now I just had to find someone that wanted to drive ShaZam for me, and Low and behold Cory Lemirand Vice President of NEW Club showed up without his truck, And seeing Cory and I have gotten to be pretty good friend over the last 12 months I asked him to give ShaZam a good spanking down the track that night for me.
He said Cool, so I gave him the low down and went over everything in the cab with him. I told him I had the gear I wanted in the box so just take it out to the first set of cones and mate it and run it down to the end of the track. ShaZam was the 2nd truck in the class witch is usually the worst spot to pull from seeing the track doesn’t come around until a few trucks have gone down it. Jack Peters was the first puller in the Super Stock class and he hooked to the sled and yanked it out the end of the 225’ track with a pull of 228’and with the fence being at 230’ so the sled operator said he was going to reset the sled. Hot dame that makes ShaZam the first truck in the class then So while they where making there adjustments to the sled the tractor with the box scrapper on it was running up and down the track with the water on and was making the track a little slippery. So Cory brought ShaZam out on to the track and waited half way down the track and they finished up with the adjustments. When he hooked to the sled and tightend the chain He eased it out of the hole the best he could seeing he was use to a slipper clutch and I run a C6 that takes off as soon as you touch the gas. But as he hit the first set of cones and he nailed the throttle ShaZam just went up against the chip and he couldn’t get the tires to hook to the track at all. So he turned the pull down and we jumped up two on the gears and he got back in line thinking that a bigger gear will help hold the motor down some. Now had the leveler worked with me a little better and kept the water off as he groomed the track I think the track would have gotten better. But instead he got it to wet and it was just to slippery to let the big trucks hook but the few Open stock trucks that jumped up in class had just enough wheel speed and less horsepower where they all got good runs. It was the one time that to much horsepower hurt you. Cory came back as the last truck and when he tried it again it was worst then the first time. Just like driving on ice he said. But he finished 7th for the night and Tory finished 6th so I still took the points Race in Super Stock with a 7 point lead.
So After Cory made it back to the pits I let him know just to change tires and leave the gear in there it should work better in mod if the track was to get better. But it never did and we ended up taking 3rd place in mod, and also 3rd in points for the season.

So now does anyone see a trend here. I had one buddy Travis Emmes drive ShaZam at Equity, Dean Wagner drove in Mod at Woody’s, and Cory spanked ShaZam in both classes in Suring.

Saturday where heading to Jim's Falls