Suring Pull

Sept.03 2008 at 11:05 PM

Well I'll be the one that says I underestimate the bite that the Suring track had on Friday night. After words I called it a mini Denmark. I was 2 gears to high in the Mod class and never got moving down the track only turning 6500 Rpm's before the sled put the smack down to me. Then when I thought the gear would be better with the DOT tires the track got even better then it was in Modified Class. I still only turned 6700 Rpm's during the run but the track caught everyone off guard I say. But I managed to take a 7th in Mod and a 4th in Super on Friday night. Which gave me 3rd place win in the points race in Super Stock and Mod for the NEW club.

Then on Monday WUMPA had there last pull of the season up at Norway MI. where I took a 1st in Super Stock and a 2nd in Mod. Giving me a 1st place win in the Super Stock points race there and a 3rd place win in Mod.

Over all ShaZam had a very good season pulling this year placing in the money in 18 of the 24 pulls I had so far this season. I have 6 pulls left before the season is over here.