Update on ShaZam

So ok I unloaded ShaZam and got her in the shop to fix the fuel pump problem. I pulled the pump and there wasn’t anything in the fuel filters, So I cleaned everything and put it back together, put a test hose on the carb. Fitting and put it into a 5 gal fuel can, I put 2 gal. Of fuel into the tank and with stop watch in hand I hit the master switch to see how long it took for the pump to run the tank dry.  59 sec. To run 2 gals so that comes out to 120 gal per hour, More than enough volume to keep ShaZam running. Well it was coming on to 5 pm. And the wife wanted to go out to eat so I button everything up thinking I had it fixed and I’ll get ShaZam loaded up tomorrow Morning after I adjust the clutch up.

Slept good all night

  Up at 7 am. to do chores and was back out in the shop by 9 am. To adjust the clutch and get ShaZam loaded up. 

As I jumped in the seat to load ShaZam up I hit the fuel pump switch and the pump hesitated for just a brief second, and I knew something was still not right so I pulled the plug and checked it with a volt meter to see how long it took for power to hit the pump when I turned the master switch on and I heard the relay click. It should be insatianeice, but it wasn’t one time it was, then the next time it took a split sec. Then it was good, So I plugged the pump back in and tried it a couple of times, first time it was right there, next time it lagged for just a second, and then I hit it and it did nothing. There I said I must have a bad spot on the Armature of the pump motor. So I started to pull the fuel pump off the truck again but this time the tank was full so that meant I had to get some clean piles to catch the fuel. So just as I was going to crack the fuel line I though let’s just check to see if there’s power to the pump. Nothing no power. So I hear the relay click when I turn on the power So I had power to the relay and I had power to the other side of the relay but no power to the line going to the pump. So I checked all my connecting everything looked good. So the line goes back to my kill switch in the back of the truck and back to the pump. So I check the 4 prone plug I have back there for continuity, and low and behold there’s no continuity on the fuel pump side of the plug, So I tear it apart to see what’s going on in there.

 Well I build the plug back in 2000 and for the most part it performed great. But over the years the thermals inside the plug had corroded and the wires I used to connect the kill hook from the sled had pulled out of the socket. Easy fix I build two new ones where we didn’t use the wires to pull the switch out I now use some Round eyelets that are bolted to the plug housing.

So one more Gremlin found and fixed ..


Dan and ShaZam